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  2. Thanks Mark, thats very useful. A couple of questions, in your upper photo, is that a very neat wear mark,or was there originally a slight lip machined on the outer radius and have you shown both sides? Gareth
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  4. I was sad to see you sell it as I followed your original posts, but hey ho if it isn't getting used moving it along makes sense, wish I had the money, would have been a great display item. Hope the new owner continues to post about it
  5. Im not sure what exactly you are after but we see some clean ones here for sale in the $5,000 to $10,000 range all made under licence by Bombardier. For instance here is one https://www.facebook.com/marketplace/item/315823688905581/?surface=product_details
  6. Blimey how can you tell what cab the Scammel has, I have a picture of its interior, it appears not to have been put into a civilian scheme , the poor picture is a sort of Matador/Militant looking truck, 6x6 with a sort of recovery body, it's in RAF blue with a roundel and one of those saucer size (convoy?"plates on the front, its hard to photo as its so overgrown.
  7. On a RHD , it is going to be the strut support for the bulkhead and that is a structural component , I suppose after 60+ years some do rust (base of stiffener strip & joint face to chassis) but I doubt if in high demand ? Probably to shift it - on the Land Rover Series One Club FORUM (sales/wants). They like the real genuine thingies.
  8. Hi Bill, thanks for posting the photos. The 6 wheel AEC refueller is strictly an AEC 853/854 but based on the Matador front end with a Marshall rear bogie. The Scammell is a 20 ton 6x6 Meadows petrol engined Constructor with the licence built Bedford cab.
  9. Hi Pete, Not immediately, to hand, I'll try to sort something tomorrow. Just to be clear, it's not mine but I do know the owner.
  10. Found a 2 wheel water bowser, in green with some white stenciling, probably 100-150 gallon I'm guessing. Age wise I would think 1940's/50's. Was in use until recently so probably still useable. Currently perched on top of a pile of scrap! Located near Odiham, Hampshire. Any interest to anyone?
  11. These are still available, but soon to be dumped!
  12. Hi Guys Does anyone happen to have any British Army maps for sale that would have been used out in the Malayan Emergency please? If so, I'd really appreciate it if you could message me or email me at gg@motorcycleresults.com please. Huge thanks
  13. Good evening I am new to this site but have always liked old military stuff, I have passed the location of these vehicles many times over the years but finally got round to having a look in the bushes and was surprised to find a number of somewhat neglected old trucks , there are the remains of several QL's including what appears to be an RAF tanker, a Matador tanker with the RAF blue showing through, there appear to be a couple more Matadors and a number of truck rear bodies stacked up in the trees, there is a long forgotten Scammel growing into the trees that appears complete but is pretty rotten. It would appear efforts are being made to clear the yard they are in, so it may be these long forgotten hulks will go , in addition to the military stuff there are old land Rovers , Leyland octopus trucks, stacks of old military axles and wheels, and a small engine mountain some of which are pretty huge, in this day and age it's odd to come across so much old stuff, it's a bit like a seventies scrappy, but possibly not for much longer. Bill.
  14. Ok thanks to you both. Its forsale and open to offers. I don't have one so it has to go. Thanks Graeme 07765086115
  15. Yes Richard, correct its a Series 1 86" Steering box mount LH https://www.bits4landys.co.uk/series/one/bulkhead-brackets-1954.htm
  16. Land Rover ........ but just checked the parts list for Rover 10 and 11 which is military designation for later 2A models and it is not the same number, am guessing this might be for a Series 1.
  17. All fixed up and running great! The gearbox is now full of oil, as is all diff’s and the transfer box, axles and springs all greased up. Tyres to 55psi, engine has had a full service (I need to get a new dizzy plate) but everything is working fine. Good day for a 25 mile drive my daughter loves going in these.
  18. Just a toe in the Water here!...... I have been thinking about a VW Iltis for some time now. I wish I had bought that Ex Castle Martin one that was on here for a while. A couple of years ago. But I wasnt looking for one then!.....🙄 Anyone got a decent Ex Military One for sale? No rot or Damaged 'Specimen's' please! 😞😳 On the Road, & ready to drive off only! 👌
  19. Can anybody help identify this? 07765086115 Thanks Graeme
  20. I know I may catch some heat for not keeping it in original Military colors, but here is my progress so far on My 3HW project. Just received my replacement inner primary tin from France, almost perfect one for $50 US. Some times we do get lucky. Cheers Mark
  21. Mine does not have a rubber washer inside or an O ring. It is solid. I will post sizes later today when I get home from work. Mark
  22. i think heard of a Ford Cargo gearbox being used ,I am nor sure
  23. Its a long time ago I looked after 3 of them OTY 506 R was one of them,s reg number. Dennis and Seddon used the Perkins power unit also there were some International bonneted tractor units with a similar drivetrain. Some of the gearboxes were Turners. I cannot remember if the Dodge and Commer used a Roots Group g/box
  24. Grisu


    @all: Thanks for your replies. I am very excited about this vehicle, this will become a one of a kind expedition truck @Robin: thanks for your offer, leaf springs and fenders are in good conditions, no need for now, car has just 45k KM, no hard off road usage in it's life @John: do you have some details on the Dodge/Renault commando vehicles or the gear box type/manufacturer? @ Administrator: what would be the right section to move to? There is no French vehicle section
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