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  2. Haha everything is Yellow I even bought a 1980 Land Rover Series 3 and within 5 weeks of purchase I did an engine swap for a 3L Essex V6 and sprayed it all family yellow
  3. Got to crack on whilst the buzz is there, yeah 2 pack the chassis and all the green will be synthetic as it’s nice and thick and covers well. Well spotted its a 1915 Leyland, served in WW1 in the Egyptian desert apparently according to Google haha
  4. Hi Andrew, I would appreciate the measurements and if its anything but straight a picture to. I did think about checking the level after putting in the correct amount but the it’s only just been filled up so was saving that till I do an oil change.
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  6. So after the little vintage show the manifold gasket failed blowing on outlet 3, the manifold which is a homemade job (not by me) was sent away for skimming but port three still has a blow by. So it’s time for a new/original manifold to be fitted I think. I will try and remember to take a photo tomorrow.
  7. No. It was a scan only dive and it would have been an entirely different exercise to try and lift bits. Besides, folks tend to get a bit twitchy if you start interfering with live ordnance. Even if its separated and in bits. Chances are the really interesting bit - engine and drive end of the torpedo - may well have survived.
  8. You don't like hanging around!! Very fast work. Is that 2 pack? Looks very shiney What's the Dawson motor behind yours? looks interesting
  9. Probably post WW1, but I just saw this on a Youtube video: https://youtu.be/MbIlBZmZ4Xs?t=333
  10. X- mod surplus had the short pipe from the gearbox to bulkhead at one stage. I made my stick from two engine ones and cutting and joining, works fine, can get the measurements if you need them. You can always check your stick is at the right level by putting in the exact quantity of oil for the gearbox from the manual, as a double check, to the marks on the end of the stick ,cheers Andrew.
  11. Hi. Many thanks for your thoughts, but I'm well aware of the difference. The only reason for putting both numbers on is that the 18 YX 66 are display plates and will be changed and the proper legal road number plates will be fitted in their place. The lorry will run as the 1944 - 1949 livery but by taking off the L number plate, will also be displayed as in the post war number registration. Cheers. Paul Burns.
  12. Hi John, Bad luck, so you never went at all even by car ? Am still looking for photos and film of the NOTEK Colume runout, must be out there somewhere, any ideas.. cheers PAUL
  13. She’s slowly becoming the yellow beast !! Now 60% covered in RAL 1018 the family racing colour. Soon to be covered. Hopefully within the next few weekends the cab will be fully painted and then I can work on tidying up the inside sorting the wiring out and paint the inside. Then do the final few jobs on the chassis side sort out the wiring loom and lights give her a good steam clean then paint everything in sight deep bronze green haha. Once that’s all done time to fit the body and whatever extras then she’ll be fit for the shows. Hoping to get her road ready by Christmas... much work to do will try and post when I can
  14. Nice, amazing what can be done nowadays. When I was young in the stone-age we had to use ocre and the tail of a sabretooth tiger as a brush.
  15. Back in April I had the good fortune to dive a complete 21" torpedo that had been found during a recent survey. Naturally I scanned it but have been sitting on the 3D model until after the RN could pay it a visit and deal with the high explosive. 3D model of the torpedo The engine and drive train section, the air tanks/pressure vessel and the warhead had all become detached from one another. No idea of the exact Mk or age, but gut feeling says it was pre-war. Its now been blown up but digitally preserved.
  16. Nothing has fallen off any Challenger 2s that have been on display at shows that I have been involved with. I find it a bit odd that someone with little experience of military vehicles is involved in a project on a Challenger 2 I am also surprised that there are decommissioned Challenger 2s out there.
  17. June 24th - Signal Lamp Fitting The signal lamp socket that was made in early May was fitted into the Dodge today. The front left locker contains the 12 volt battery and amplifier for the radio chatter, so the socket was mounted on the bench seat back rest close by. This position is also just under the dome on the roof, so the signal lamp cable doesn't have to trail far. The cable was routed down behind the back rest and into the locker where the other wiring goes and there's enough of a gap between the bench and locker lid that I didn't have to carve any wood away for clearance. There's also enough space in that locker to keep the lamp when not in use.
  18. There were plenty of re-enactors around all weekend and a number of the town's people had also dressed suitably for the occasion. The military content was down again on Sunday, with three of the Jeeps from Saturday, only attending for day one. Even so, the public seemed to all be enjoying the weekend and I have no doubt the event will be repeated again next year. There were a number of more modern vintage cars on display in the show field, bringing a bit of colour to the khaki and olive drab. Further photos can be found here - http://www.sacarr.co.uk/mymvs/events/2019/barnard.htm
  19. In addition to the military vehicles, there were a number of vintage cars on display on Saturday, most of which were parked on the road beside the church, close to the military displays. There were several dioramas and displays close by on the grass next to the visitor's centre, ranging from home front to front line.
  20. After breakfast on Saturday, it was a three mile drive back into town to the display area, located on the green next to the castle. There were not as many vehicles and dioramas as last year, some due to illness and unavailability, but I suspect a number of people had spent up their fuel allowance on a trip to Normandy earlier in the month. There was still plenty to see and the good weather brought lots of public around both days. Lots of interest in the Dodge.
  21. Barnard Castle 1940's Weekend - June 22/23rd Barnard Castle is only about 40 miles away from home, but with the route almost all two lane 'A' roads and up and down hills, it's not a quick trip when driving in the Dodge, out for its third event this year. We set off soon after my daughter got out of school on Friday, but were held up a couple of times by Friday afternoon traffic and road works. In the end, the journey to the camp site just over the river from the town took around 90 minutes. It was a hard drive, but we got the tent up fairly quickly and settled down to relax for the evening. Since we were camping off site from the display area, we just used the modern plastic tent.
  22. Hello, For Sale: NOS M3 M3A1 M3A3 & LVT 5 speed transmission & differential assy. No final drives included. $25,000 plus shipping. Thanks, Steve
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