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  2. Beautiful model, that requires talent and lots of patience...
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  4. Fitted a charge controller just needed a proper 100 watt solar panel wich arrived today. Going to mount the solar on the roof permanently fixed,just waiting for the braketry to come,was going to make spme but they are so cheap no brainer. J have fitted a trailer plug to take the wiring from outside to inside.
  5. Also known as 'Alum'. It works very well as I took a steel spindle out of the the brass fuel filter for our Dennis. Available from on-line pharmaceutical suppliers, amongst other things! Steve
  6. Thanks for the tip! My dad is working on a spare injector for the Garrett wagon and it has a broken steel pin stuck in the bronze body.
  7. I made a start today on the body support brackets, mainly making cardboard templates and ruff cutting plates. As Alistair needs to make the same brackets I ruff cut a second set of plates. Peter.
  8. All I am being dragged off to St. Ives in Cornwall on June 15th for a weeks holiday with my youngest Daughter and family. Can anyone suggest any Military vehicle events or museums in the area that I could go to, please? Many thanks. Robert Davey
  9. Wanted,bowser pump clock as pictured,..
  10. They use the same acid trick on watches to remove broken steel screws in the movement... 😉
  11. Thank you Mark, I bought a repro version from ebay, but it doesn't look exactly like yours. However I can now check its dimensions against an original and modify if necessary, I'm much obliged. Gareth
  12. They are near Odiham, Hampshire. £80 each.
  13. We decided the London to Brighton run was too optimistic for 2019. Clayton hill has a 13.6% maximum gradient and we were unable to get up the 17% gradient nearest our house. There have been lots of things to concentrate on so we have been catching up on other projects and making preparations for future projects. Some progress has been made on the Dennis though, the universal joint gaiter has nicer looking clamps. I got fed up with starting handle blisters from the split wooden sleeve so have turned up a new one in brass. Generally both this and the Morris car are starting first time (and I sometimes remember to put on a glove) so I have been blister free for several months. And we have added a crude choke return spring. A couple of the previously unexplained stops turn out to have been the choke being sucked closed; once the engine stopped the flap would drop open again so it was difficult to spot the cause until the occasion where we managed to keep the engine going long enough to spot it. This weekend we have probably driven another ten miles or so, starting with a simple circuit locally with many of my visiting relatives taking short rides. We still can't manage the 17% incline from a standing start but with the improved reliability we took a drive into the town up an incline of around 11% with no trouble at all. We still have fine silt coming out in the petrol filter but there is not enough to be a problem now if we clean it out every ten miles. I imagine this service interval will increase as we use it more. The Claudel Hobson has a 1.1mm jet so is fairly immune to fine particulates but the Zenith I have rebuilt has a much smaller orifice in the slow running device and may be more susceptible to blockages so we will persist with the Claudel until the fuel is coming through a little cleaner. One of the Zenith carbs I found had the float weights retained with small nails; these had rusted solid in into the weights and it was impossible to extract them. I was not is a rush to recover these components so we immersed them in a solution of Aluminium Ammonium Sulphate for around four months; there was no damage to any of the brass and just a small amount of black sediment to remove from the holes. Thought this trick might be useful to other people with ferrous parts rusted into brass as drilling out is rarely satisfactory.
  14. hi , could be interested in them , where are they and what sort of money are the looking for , regards pete
  15. We may find the lid, but assume it's missing.
  16. Steve if your ignition is happening on the down stroke ATDC then your timing is seriously retarded and no wonder it's running hot. DO NOT run it like that again. I can easily talk you through it, but can you first post a picture of the points side of your mag. Ron
  17. Steve, Did you manage a road run on it today?
  18. Ron, I have check the ignition timing and it’s appears the contacts are breaking prematurely (in the pistons down stroke) and not 5/16” before top dead centre. Silly question, how do I adjust the timing to where it should be? The manual is really unclear. I assume this is why it’s not running quite right? Strangely it does start well however? F.Y.I the plug is really sooted up and not white (from possibly running hot) any ideas all? Steve
  19. Got the steering axle back together on the bomb trolley just need to find 2 tyres,getting quite heavy now!!
  20. You can contact this firm, they have a lot oldtimer parts. https://ccparts.nl/
  21. Cylinder is ATE Lockheed, as are the wheel cylinders which are 1 1/16 ",Available in uk ,will lookup details when I get home.and check for master cylinder seals size.Graham
  22. Safekrkr

    3HW fork

    Can someone point me toward some front end parts? i am in need of parts in circled pictures for the shock absorber. Friction plates Bolt and it’s hardware Also the tension spring. I found a small hole spring but am in need of a large hole late model spring. Any help would be appreciated Thanks Mark
  23. The the thickness of the main deflector is .050” i hope this helps
  24. Its just a wear mark. The ID is .845 the flange is .150 thick and .150 wide the OD is 2.625 all in inches. the part I have the center flange is free spinning, but I don’t believe it is supposed to be.
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