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  2. An awful lot of band width has been burnt up on this subject on virtually every military vehicle forum on the web. Everybody has a an opinion and a very few will claim to have definitive proof so that researching the subject can be like trying to knit fog. My advice for what's it's worth is to start your research with these two publications: British Army Colours & Disruptive Camouflage in the United Kingdom, France and NW Europe 1936-1945 by Mike Starmer available from the author at mike starmer@hotmail.com And: Tilly colours by Mike Shackleton and Mike Starmer published by Trackpad publishing (no ISBN No) In the muddy waters that accompany the discussion on shade,pattern and colour these two publications may help to add a little clarity or at least a starting point. Pete
  3. Thanks for the link, that's a very interesting pattern Bruce has, it must have taken him ages. The Carrier next to Bruce's in the film, is the one I'm now working on. I bought it from NZ a few years ago.
  4. When the M1 was being constructed My Dad and I used to walk along sections of it on a sunday lots of QLs to be seen - no fences no H & S !! happy days TED.
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  6. You can order a repro from Rob van Meel here in the Netherlands if that helps?
  7. Couple of QL refuellers in post war service from the Laing archive on Historic England website.
  8. Have you removed the cover plate on the block to see if it has a pump drive cam lobe behind?
  9. Assuming your camshaft has the pump cam on it, and I am sure it would have, then you can buy a pattern part pump from Agriline ( Fordson Major) for about 30 quid. You cannot use your existing pump.
  10. yes have been in contact and they can offer zero help...the Hampshire group have hidden away in their buildings some very special vehicles of the period all hidden away for no one to see...i could put these vehicles in the museum, but i have to get through planning first...
  11. This could maybe help, Bruce's carrier is painted in the colour's that the NZ Army copied from the British early in the war. https://youtu.be/_gUa5TdHPCk
  12. Could you do away with it altogether, and fit an electric pump in a more convenient location
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  14. Any advice on colour schemes? I’m looking to apply a camouflage scheme to my 1942 Mk1* Carrier, using as a point of reference the official training video on Carrier weapon handling on YouTube (still shot attached). I’m assuming the base vehicle colour is khaki green no3 (which is the original colour of my Carrier), what would the second colour tone be? I’ve seen reference to dark green no4 and dark tarmac? Would the second colour have been applied by brush in units, or sprayed by a base workshop? Many thanks, Tom
  15. Hi Richard. I wonder if the one I saw came back home. The red one I mentioned, I actually saw it in Sunderland parked up. The owner was a serving Soldier who 'managed' to get it 'medivaced' to Brize when it was Cast with a load of cast spares. Can't confirm that.
  16. Ah, the Lightweights with the 'Carlos Fangdango'* wheels! There was one issued new to Lydd Ranges, it used to come up to our workshops occasionally.
  17. Can anyone remember the Gloster Saro conversion Lightweights in the Falklands and what happened to them? i saw one driving away from Mount Pleasant airfield (it might have been called Falkland Islands Stategic Airfield then) in the early 1980's. The nearside front wing was half hanging off and the noise from it was terrible when it drove over a bump. I only seen it once and I thought it was a local modification as it was scruffy and looked as rough as a Badgers arse. There was also a red Lightweight in Stanley that was eventually owned by a REME lad that ended up in Sunderland. Any word on that?
  18. 6300lbs Is 2850 kg approx So gvw would be 5 or 6 tonne Cheers anton
  19. The unladen weight of a AUSTIN K9 GS is 6,300 lb
  20. Hi Sean The tag inside the glove box lid is brass will take pictures tomorrow Need to check o/s chassis rail near steering box like you said The k9, s are a new thing for me some of the data I've read gives gvw of 4950 But I suppose they where used quite widely and diversly so you may well be right with the over 6 tonne gvw The orange is really orange like a b and q orange definitely not red oxide Cheers anton
  21. Thanks for the info, anything that makes finding parts easier is appreciated
  22. This website has a lot of info on the 4D engine, https://everythingaboutboats.org/ford-industrial-power-uk/
  23. Do any of the tags & plaque match, or are they all different? Photos? Rear axle should be narrower than the front. 4950 kg is low for a K9, if I remember correctly GVW should be 6100 kg. Is the orange really orange, or is it red oxide / brick red sort of colour as appears in your photo?
  24. I notice the block has the letters E1ADDN cast in, that was the code for Fordson Major. Whether that block was also used in commercial vehicles as well I don't know.
  25. Does this help? The only reason I would like to move the fuel pump is because it’s very close to where the engine cover will go and it would make life easier if it was moved.
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