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  2. To be honest I don't know, I assume it's the domed sort. if they are hollow I can do it myself thanks anyway.
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  4. I drove a mk1 stalwart in germany with 12 sqn rct from 1964 to 1968, did hundreds of miles on roads and did not get any problems with wind up.
  5. fv1609


    If an Equipment Management Policy Statement/Letter has been raised in later years sometimes an estimate of the original cost of the equipment is given. Although I have documents for Ferret & Pig the indexes for EMPS & EMPL show that there was no such document for Saracen. The Catalogue of Materiel Authorised for Establishment Purposes (which is part of Materiel Regulations for the Army) will give a current book value. I only have the 1972 edition which shows a dramatic change from the quoted purchase price.
  6. It will be interesting to see if these prices suddenly become subject to a discount in the New Year! Strikes me that what with this more "commercial" approach plus the dampening effect of Brexit for the mainlanders, the outlook is not bright.
  7. Don`t know the guy that posted this but this road run is very good and we all have fish and chips on Felixstowe sea front .This section of road is probably the emptiest section as the all the rest was lined with people waving union jack and so on. There is a hill somewhere !!
  8. Dated 1988 Transportability Guidance Technical Manual. £15. Cannot unfortunately upload pics but can email to anyone interested.
  9. Brand new unissued condition,dated 1954. Cannot unfortunately upload pics but can email to anyone interested. £50
  10. At Witham, presently 125 plus the tax https://whitelabel-2.globalauctionplatform.com/en-gb/auction-catalogues/wca/catalogue-id-witham1-10000/lot-c396d121-44c3-46b6-bfe3-aae3011d7721
  11. Surely the correct way to approach this is to assess the bearings for wear. If the bearings are showing signs of wear, pitting, chatter or corrosion they need replacing. If not clean and regrease them put them back with new seals, and adjust them correctly. Regards John
  12. I don't think so. Those hubs would have metal and wood centres and the load of sighing them there might be problematic. If I'm seeing that right, the spoked wheels are just acting to retain the lifting ropes, which go through the wheel spokes and presumably under the axles. If you were lifting from the outer grooves on the hubs it would be near impossible to keep all four in place long enough to get a safe lift.
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  14. £350k in 1955 would be worth just over £9m today so I suspect you are right with the £32k. My 30ton 6x6 Scammell Constructor was exactly £10k in 1956 by comparison.
  15. Is the groove around the front hubs designed as a slinging flange?
  16. Bob Grundy


    Today I received this months edition of Classic Military Vehicle which wasn't too bad. However a Mark Nash states in his article on the Saracen that they cost £350K each. I find this a little on the high side. Where does this figure come from for a vehicle manufactured in the 1950's ? I read once that a Stalwart cost £32K in c.1962.
  17. Hello all, things are stirring within the doors of my workshop??? Gearbox crossmember had to be moved forwards about 6" due to being in wrong place for the gearbox to sit at the needed height and position. Regards Dan
  18. That is a tempting option. We need a ship and a large crane but we could do that.
  19. If they are all branded as USA made I'd stick with them. You can of course buy a complete new set of high quality bearings, but that may cost a surprising amount. Spend some of the savings on seals, axle end gaskets, and the like
  20. Thank you for the reply, it has come from the USA and there is a mix of makes, as you would expect but perhaps they are orginal.
  21. I continue to be amazed by the skill you display on this project.
  22. I'd stick with those if they are in good condition, US-made bearings, and the low sequence number suggests they may be original. Where did your truck come from, or via? If it is straight from the USA or via Norway, those are probably higher quality than many modern replacements.
  23. Last of the steering joints on now, just the tracking to do 👍
  24. Steve I have two of the side legs complete with casting, if the are of any interest. Regards John
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