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  2. Yes I do but will settle for reproductions for the time being, have seen the site, just wondered if the prices were the going rate.
  3. 'Military Odyssey' is on over the BH long weekend at the Detling showground overlooking Maidstone in Kent (old Coastal Command, etc airfield) and that has pretty much maintained its quality and friendly feel. Its more re-enactment down the ages but inevitably WW2 figures large and the turnout of MVs seems to grow each year. Not much armour or rare stuff, but there is a pretty good indoor and outdoor military dealer stall setup.....mostly "smalls" and clothing, deact arms, military surplus kit, etc. They have a large arena for the bigger battles and lots of displays elsewhere going on all the time.
  4. Occasionally on eBay http://www.stuart-bray-motorcycles.co.uk/parts/bsa-parabike-spares/ I assume that you mean the proper parabike pedals.
  5. Ah, another mad impetuous fool, I hear you say. And yes I'm beginning to think so myself. Having had a good look at my recent purchase, can anybody help me out with pedals, a rear brake, handle bars and brake levers for the above please.
  6. thank you one and all, an interesting collection of documents had to be stuffed into those little wallets.
  7. I'll have a shed hunt at weekend, feeling I've got some lurking somewhere.
  8. Close up of the carved figures head.
  9. The figure is carved from the trunk of an Ash tree, you can also get a ride in D29 if you fancy it.
  10. I was not really aware of these shows and no one did a comparison. I would be interested in people’s opinions about the different shows as yet I have only been to war and peace, as it’s not “that” far from me. But if there is something ‘better’ out there efforts could be made to attend
  11. They may also have been referring to Wartime in the Vale and the Yorkshire Wartime Experience -June and July dates respectively. There's the Capel show too
  12. Going back to the subject reflections on war and peace, several people talked about other shows, I noticed tanks, ,trucks and firepower running this weekend. As I am out of the country I am unable to attend but it s this the ‘other’ show people in the thread have been talking about?
  13. I'm glad you approve of the six Windscreen per year seeing that it was me that got it changed from four plus the Green Sheets. As times changed, the Green Sheets were attracting fewer and fewer classifieds so were essentially redundant and the cost of printing and mailing them as well as Windscreen meant that it was more cost effective to move to six Windscreens.
  14. Yes mate, it is. Service line at the front, so not a major disaster. Union on the pipe is good, and I do have a spare short thread fitting. But it really needs the longer bulkhead one with locknut to mount it onto the chassis. I could replace the whole thing with a modern one, but I'm trying to keep it as original as possible with the fine thread
  15. It is a long way to see it from Conwy. On the serious side, there is a photo of Wojtek: the Polish shell carrying bear mascot originally from Iran/Syria, in the cab of a General Anders Polish artillery support Fwd har1. On this forum.
  16. I missed that one! Otherwise I would have had it!.....
  17. Yesterday
  18. Thats interesting, I will take A look at the weekend thanks for advice Norman
  19. The lighting is fed from the 25A thermal cutout housed in Box Distribution No.1 Mk 1 so not effected by what is going on in the ignition circuit which is fed by the 10A thermal cutout also housed in Box Distribution No.1 Mk 1 Your voltmeter I assume is wired into the ignition circuit. To me it suggests a fault in the 10A thermal cutout (corroded or arced contacts) which even when open will still allow a voltage to flow through the cutout winding which is something like 150-200 ohms this will pass only a very small current. But would be sufficient to illuminate the red & yellow lights to some degree. As this also supplies the ignition coil through to the distributor, when the points are open of course the coil draws no current & there is enough power to illuminate the red & yellow lights. But if the engine has stopped when the points are close there might be nearly 4A flowing, but if the thermal cutout is defective then trying to flow this current through the winding of 150-200 ohms will cause a serious voltage drop. This will not be sufficient to illuminate the red & yellow lights, energise the coil or allow the starter to be activated. I think the state when you get 28-30v not fluctuating when the red & yellow are turned on is when the distributor contact breaker points are open.
  20. Stunning ....... we've just arrived at the camping field for a 3 day break.
  21. I remember seeing this truck on the show circuit many years ago a chap called Chris perry owned it if I remember rightly
  22. hi yes i've got 5o cal box contact me next week
  23. I was wrong Olaf, I answered you without looking at the pic, it is actually a FWD Har 1. Sorry about that Olaf, for punishment I have awarded myself 100 lines, put brain into gear before applying fingers to keyboard.
  24. A Chevy should have a closed cab. I presume someone grafted a GMC cab on it then?
  25. Taken from JSP 800 - Transport regulations (was previously JSP 341) VEHICLE DOCUMENTATION 44. Confirmation of Motor Liability Cover. In the UK drivers of MOD vehicles are not required by law to carry any insurance documentation. However, if a driver is requested by a police officer to produce proof of insurance, a Confirmation of Motor Liability Cover Letter can be printed (see Annex A). A DIN is also published annually containing the Confirmation of Motor Liability Cover Letter. Motor Transport Managers or other persons responsible for overseeing the vehicle fleet at a UK unit should hold at least one copy of the Confirmation of Motor Liability Cover Letter. The Letter is valid from 01 May to 30 April and must be renewed annually. 45. Associated Vehicle Documentation. All drivers are to carry the following documents listed in the table below when operating a MOD vehicle in the UK: a. Authority for the journey, Drivers Tasking Sheet (e.g. F/MT 1001/ATUD) or a hire agreement showing the unit/establishment name and the booking reference which provides budgetary authority for the journey. Vehicle recovery instructions. Road traffic accident reporting forms (F/MTs 3-2, 3-3) and Bump Card containing MOD’s dedicated First Notification of Loss (FNOL) road traffic accident collision line number.. A copy of standing orders for drivers. A copy of the vehicle handbook. An EU pattern licence (photo card/driving licence) with the category appropriate to the type of vehicle being driven. g. A Copy of the Confirmation of Motor Liability Cover (Annex A).2 - 1 - 2 - 12 JSP 800 Vol 5 Pt 2 (V5.2 – Apr17)
  26. I have had a couple of the low cost hand held ones, in fact I still have, and use the second one, the only failure I ever had was the timer went on the first one, not a problem as once you are used to it you can easily self time by watching and listening to the weld. The first one was automated at one point by mounting it on a frame upside down with the lever being operated via an air cylinder which made it extremely versatile
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