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  2. I seem to remember this vehicle has been shown on HMVF before
  3. Found a few more of the missing bits!
  4. You could try Chris Morter, he does have spares from vehicles which he and dad John have broken. I couldn't get the linkage when I put the correct carb on my QL, had to make one. Bear in mind the QL is very, very slow on hills even with the correct set-up - doesn't seem to matter whether they're loaded or not! Mike.
  5. Busy day today getting a couple of spray top coats onto the frame, front axle, road springs and some of the frame brackets. I'm using War Paint's G3 Khaki Green at 15% sheen single pack air dry enamel it matches the original factory colour on the engine bay bulkhead very closely except that is dead flat, it's a nice paint to apply and will take up to 20% thinners for spraying without pigment separation, the paint is a Xylene base but I use a single pack cellulose thinners to speed up air drying when spraying. A few photos: A couple of the frame Front road springs and pintle spring Rear road springs and pintle cast brackets Front axle beam Pete
  6. I agree that it is more likely to be a rebuild of a redundant Morris C8/MG 2pdr Anti tank gun portee
  7. Thank you! Are sales allowed here?
  8. The temp sender for the warning light is on the inlet manifold near the distributor. Remove it and find something that’s 24v and has the right thread, then find a compatible gauge. Shouldn’t be that hard.
  9. Hi Came across this... https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=4BPNCtlwcOc At about 6min 43 sec, this appears Cheers Richard
  10. So I looked into the xk motors in cars and found out a lot don’t have them either? Anyone no the thread and were to put one into our j60 motor with aftermarket gauges. I no theirs an idiot light but I like to see my gauge when it comes to heat.
  11. Perth Salute went off well today, these the only Historic vehicles, the weather was great until we reached the band area and then the heavens opened, felt sorry for the dancers still to perform
  12. And some in the uk has been shopping, a couple of weeks ago a M74 arv was seen leaving Denmark towards the uk
  13. So anyone know the thread for such A sensor. Thanks for the good answers. I was wondering if the motor was the same as car one. But with military you never know what they change.
  14. Have got in touch with Champ spares, NMVG, and Classic spares, for our Humber, Bygone are dealing with the QL, but may struggle for the accelerator linkages..The Quad is an ongoing project along with the Matador...Thanks for the help anyway..any other info please do forward on..
  15. Try Champs Spares UK for brake and clutch kits. http://www.historic-military-vehicle-brake-carburettor-fuelpump-spares-kit.com/ Or Bygone Bedfords. http://bygonebedfordbits.co.uk/?page_id=10 Ron
  16. I bought mine from uncompany.com, an electric airsoft one. It weighs 4 Kg the same as a real one is mostly steel and very convincing. Uncompany.com is based in Hong Kong but I had no problem with delivery.
  17. my first time on the forum and hoping some off you nice people will help. I work at Dday Acadamey ROTS..I'm after the following pieces Humber rear and front brake cylinder kits, Hub seals the same; Front P/Shaft nuts and bolts Bedford QL Solex RZ FAIPO Carb Kit X2, Complete accelerator linkages on side of carb.. The bedford currently runs on a Zenith from a 1500 wt bedford The previous mechanic ripped out the system, cut, welded and threw away what was left, the bedford runs well, until a steep incline...So I
  18. Some have been sleeping we transported an armoured pacfic through uk, france, belguim and netherlands and nobody spotted it.
  19. Any recomendations please on the best replica SA80 on the market with Iron Sights whether Air Soft or otherwise? I have the legal requirement to aquire one.
  20. my money on khaki Green No 3 and Nobels dark tarmac green No 4 subsequently named Nobels dark tarmac No 4 Ted
  21. I have a trailer rim in Holland, might have a tyre on it. I need to get the ones with the snow chain hooks so i can sell or trade one.
  22. The Fox has a temperature gauge with the J60.
  23. 10 cwt. British Army 6 stud trailer wheel
  24. Rolling radius of tyres eg centre of hub to top of tyre = ? wheel base believe = 3940 mm ? centre front axle to front bumper overhang believe = 1314 mm ? centre front axle to rearmost of cab = ? centre rear axle to back of rear spring hanger = ? Chassis height from floor = ? say near middle of truck Chassis depth chassis width is chassis top flange straight back to front /parallel side to side from cab to rear one last ask when looking from side is top of rear wheel above/ below top of chassis rail Really would be a big help if anyone could advise on these thanks in advance Steve I am hoping to convert to a small/medium recovery /winching vehicle but with a bit of a difference to the run of the mill
  25. Voltage shouldn't be a problem, VDO (other makes are available) gauges are rated 6v to 24V :- https://www.vdo-instruments.com/sensors/temperature-sensors-switch.html
  26. Guys whet do I have here, please? Dimension 470mm x 95mm
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