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  2. I know some of the history. Here is a good image of it in its previous incarnation.
  3. “ OMG I love this spray gun “ Purchased a new spray gun following advice from several forum members and what a difference, low pressure, easy to use and no wasted paint. Old spray gun soon to be recycled!! I wasn’t happy with the paint finish on the cab, it was a Matt finish and quite rough to touch, so I decided to flat it off and mix cellulose thinners with the synthetic paint, some of you will probably remember that I did this accidentally a couple of months ago and wasn't sure how it would react with the first coat of paint, so after letting the paint cure for a few weeks I tried a couple of testers of the cellulose mix, the finish was satin and smooth so just when I thought I was done with painting for a while I repainted the cab 😬
  4. Thanks for that info, Banisters have more than you can shake a big stick at!!!! 394 of them at £80.00 each!
  5. The truck is as David Hurbert stated, CMP with No 13 cab. Bridge plate looks to have either a 3 or 7 diplayed. I think the vehicle has had a Bedford badge attached to the front grille, and a Christmas decoration reindeer has been tucked in behind it, you can see a bit of reindeer hoof/foot just below the Bedford badge. I expect it is a teddy bear above the reindeer. Someone somewhere trying to add a bit of Christmas cheer. B series.
  6. Not a goat on the badge, it is a hart, a male deer.
  7. Or a Christmas Reindeer ? The truck is a Canadian Military Pattern (CMP) Ford with what is called a Number 13 cab (the final style). Probably a 3 ton F60L. The British army had them in considerable numbers. David
  8. OK, let me throw this into the mix, shoot me down if you will: The “skis” that the “goat” appears to be standing on, with closer inspection, look more like this Bedford badge. I am sure somebody will put me right but that doesn’t look like a Bedford lorry to me, so maybe it is there for another reason? Bedfordshire & Hertfordshire Regiment, maybe? Consider also the “goat”. Perhaps not a goat, but instead a crudely executed version of the animal from the B&H cap badge?
  9. Jarrod, Thanks for posting, I hadn't seen that before though I did know of the convoy. A great selection of vehicles. David
  10. An aberration of the Queens Royal West Surrey?
  11. I have been told that in the most recent versions of the AESP the illustrations I am interested in have been removed. I think in a modern Army no body would use an A Frame to carry out the clutch slip test., it would all be do with an overhead crane.
  12. Many thanks OzH, just waiting for a clutch cover to arrive and hopefully the engine and box can go back in this weekend.
  13. Thanks FV 1609, I have forgotten the AESP and EMER number that referred to it.
  14. Please forgive me if this is a repost, or somehow off topic. It shows the many trials of crossing the USA with a convoy at that time. If only they had "talkies" then... Jarrod. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=hZJKxkfF1D8
  15. I would be most grateful if anyone can let me know if they recognise the attached vehicle sign. It appears - to me - to be a goat on skis, perhaps with something just above (a pennant, piece of material, shape of country, or...?). The sign was on the front of a British Army truck. Any information about the type of truck would also be of interest. Any insights or ideas welcome!
  16. Got to say, this is a great blog, I've thoroughly enjoyed following your progress so far.. Keep it going!
  17. Bloody shame, that would make a lovely run-around ! (As long as its not blinged up with all the bolt on extras..) Does it have a split, top and bottom tailgate ? Used to see these used by dumpies, no doubt in case a spark set off a thousand pounder. Iain
  18. Im in Shoeburyness next to Southend if it helps David N
  19. Not sure how desirable it is NOW?! Certainly it is not in danger of sending out any sparks! Still, a quick wash down (don't scrub too hard) and it will be transformed. Or not? How do these old dears end up in such a state?
  20. You need to look for the AESPs with the octad 1015-K-100 which covers L118 and L119 There is also coverage in EMER ARMAMENTS H 140-149 Associated instruments are covered in EMER INSTRUMENTS B 420-429 and B 440-449
  21. As an inservice weapon It is presumably still clasified as a Restricted Document so excempt from the FOI Act.
  22. If no-one on here has one it's worth trying a Freedom of Information request to the MOD. Andy
  23. Would anyone have any idea where I could get a copy of either an old EMER or AESP on the Light Gun. I am looking for the sections about carrying out the clutch slip tests and elevation gear box adjustments. In particular the illustrations for those tasks.
  24. Thank you Clive, that means a lot coming from you.
  25. And as such, if you ask me, quite desirable to own. because of what it is
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