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  2. I was involved in the route survey for that cable. It passed north of Beauforts Dyke but we came across plenty of crates of objects shaped just like shells, beer barrel like objects that looked like depth charges and lots of other dodgy stuff. We were not allowed the say they were shells or what ever as we were "not qualified" even though one of our number used to be a clearance diver. The initial plan was to use BA and waterproofs as we hosed the ROV before bringing it onboard after a dive. In case it had been contaminated with any nasty chemicals. We refused as we were not trained, equipped or qualified to deal with chemical agent contamination. (Most of us were ex military). So we did nothing, just the sniff test. You could not make it up. We were told that local fishing boats were used for much of the disposal and were paid by the load. That resulted in some loads being ditched early and as we seen much of the stuff is spread over quite an area. Iain
  3. It is exactly 8"...now, but how long was it originally? Stems cups - are these the "Set of Four Steering Head Bearings + Set Balls Bearings" which Cornucopia (in my neighbourhood) sells for 135 Euros? Guess I need a top yoke first..and then again I need to know how it looks like first.
  4. Thanks for your help so far guys. My crossley was made in 1938, so it must be an aluminium engine. I don't think the magneto is a Simms. I'm pretty sure it's an AC. It's got a solex carburettor. According to the crossley website my wagon should have a dry sump engine, but I don't think mine has. That's the trouble I've been having-my vehicle doesn't EXACTLY match any other crossleys I've found! Also nice to see a crossley engine Out on the work bench! Louie
  5. There was a presentation at the Marine science conference held at the start of October at the University of Strathclyde on the disposal sites utilised for ordnance post 1945. (The renewables industry are having to do a lot of clearance activities in the NSea for putting in the windfarm arrays). The subject of German nerve agents came up. The UK took the German Tabun stockpile (the US got the Sarin and this went back to the states) and it was disposed of having been stored in NWales - in Snowdonia in a former ROF store in one of the slate mines (clearance of the NWales storage sites is covered in the Arthur Hogben bomb disposal book) The Beauforts Dyke area was one of the key areas for disposal and there was an interconnector power cable laid in that area about 10 years or so ago. Supposedly the overboard dumping of material and the various ships loaded and then deliberately sunk were supposed to be beyond the 300 fathom contour - Beauforts Dyke was just the first bit of deep water outside of Cairnryan. There was no mention of vehicles being disposed of. Just large quantities of rotting ordnance. More recently when the MOD took the first generation of Accuracy international sniper rifles out of service these were cut up and dumped at sea.
  6. http://www.crossley-motors.org.uk/history/military/FWD/fwd.html
  7. Listed photos in Albums currently own 1953 Humber Pig Mk2 1954 Austin Champ 1954 MoBAT 1952 Sankey Mk2 Trailer 1968 Sankey Water Trailer 1977 Land Rover 101 1976 ROF Fox CVR(W) 1985 Rapier Launcher Trailer 1994 Harley-Davidson MT350
  8. The basic engine design remained unchanged from the I G L 3 to the end of production .Early engines have aluminium crankcases this was changed to cast iron due to a shortage of aluminium some time after 1940 . Early engine have a up draft carburettor and a simms magneto .The 90 hp engine has a down draft carburettor modified cylinder heads and a distributor driven via a right angle drive . The bracket remains the same on each engine and the mag or distributor are interchangeable .The sump is modified on the 4x4 to allow clearance for the front axle . Cylinder blocks are interchangeable across all models. . Mike
  9. Just done a bit more, google research and found in the Commercial Motor Archive an article from the 3rd November 1910 which states - " We illustrate a two-ton Dennis lorry, from a photograph taken at Guildford, prior to the dispatch of the vehicle to Messrs. Alfred Leney and Co., of the Pheonix Brewery, Dover." It could be the one !
  10. 01AM07 - Land Rover 101 Forward Control Rapier Tug
  11. 55KL25 - Harley-Davidson MT350
  12. 10FD72 - R.O.F FV721 Fox CVR(W)
  13. 78BN05 - Sankey Trailer Mk2 3/4 Ton
  14. 27BK21 - Humber FV1611 Mk2 Pig
  15. 21ET49 - Sankey Trailer Tanker Water 3/4 Ton 2 Wheel 100 Gallons
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