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Hello HMVF membersuxillary  and All interested

We acquired this  5 Ton truck earlier on last year and the first upgrade was to fit the 395/85R20 Michelin XZL's plus the split rims which means we are running on 6 wheels and tires rather than 10 and as we use this truck for all manner of Social Domestic and Pleasure puusuits we want to run it right and these radials are the doggies doo doo's ... 

Since this picture we have made manny service updates and also have painted the front end and those pics are to come so keep it here to see whats going on  ...

I am really keen to here from anyone else that has a 5 ton despicably in Scotland where we are based. 

Their is no doubt to the pleasure that can be had keeping on top of these old vehicles and i have learned a ton ... recently changing the auxiliary pulley shaft seal and now the main front crank seal have put my heart high into my chest as you take on every new challenge that engineering brings, seeing people re-sleeve and prepare the pulley at our local machine shop means i am gaining confidence.

Next is to change the Airpack and brake master cylinder to cure niggley faults where the brakes stick on at times..

Looking forward to hearing from you and inviting you to see the vehicle at its home in Palnackie Scotland.

Captain Quetzal

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