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Thread: Road Traffic Act off-road

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    Unless your the Secretary Of state when you can declare any place Subject To the Offcial Secrets Act and deny access.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Hair Bear View Post
    Would that mean that under 'Right To Roam' almost any land is public access?
    It's been a long time now HB. So I couldn't state with any accuracy, a reply to your question. Sorry.

    A lot of laws have been repealed/ discontinued, in a trawl to 'Tidy up' outdated laws of old.

    Most land is privately owned of course. & some areas do indeed have public right of way access footpaths.
    BUT, straying FROM those footpaths can be classed as trespassing. A Map of any particular piece of land, lodged & at the land registry offices. Would give clarification as to the paths & official boundaries I would say.

    You would have to do some in depth research to get clarification. On the 'Right to roam' Law (If it still exists in that form?)
    I would advise, prior to embarking on crossing any land that does not belong to you. Just my thoughts

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    Quote Originally Posted by andym View Post
    Taking this to the extreme it would suggest that all vehicles in a museum should be taxed, MOT'd and insured, which can't possibly be sensible.

    In my experience, those vehicles that actually operate are, where applicable. However in most national museums the majority are non operational and are moved about by handpower and other vehicles/plant (mostly handpower in my experience!).

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    Neil, I think your post regarding RTA 1991 has probably answered the question in that drivers cannot escape prosecution from reckless driving (or worse) just because they are not on a proper road, and this amendment closed an important loophole.

    However I doubt that the RTA ever had in mind the goings on at MV shows or the types of vehicles we own, so I guess it is OK to drive those vehicles you see at shows that are 'part restored' that are not yet 'roadworthy' like those still in need of a body or cab.

    And possibly the same situation applies I guess, for driving a tank in a public area at a vehicle show without an H License, as long as its not done recklessly. Though I am not sure about the legality of an underage person with no drivers license at all, being the driver of an AFV or the legality of driving while unfit through drink etc.

    Also it matters little that friends and family are classed as public or participants, so if they are run over and killed in the night during a drunken AFV race, the drivers can be prosecuted with something more severe than reckless driving. At least I can sleep soundly in my tent knowing that!
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