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Thread: Smle no4 mk1 with 'u.s. Property' engraved on receiver

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    Default Re: Smle no4 mk1 with 'u.s. Property' engraved on receiver

    Hmm interesting, the couple of Stevens made ones I have seen here in Denmark have been two groves versions and they where delivered to the resistance via air dropping during the war. But they can of cause be from one "lot" or production run
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    Default Re: Smle no4 mk1 with 'u.s. Property' engraved on receiver

    Quote Originally Posted by teletech View Post
    I don't think it's universal for marked receivers to have 2-groove barrels or for 2-groove barrel receivers to be marked.
    I know it's something that has come up on occasion, 1903 Springfields are sometimes seen with 2-groove barrels and a number of those wound up cut into a sort of liner for aftermarket companies to salvage M-1 Garand barrels.
    I think they were all rush jobs, the ones I've shot have not done better than "acceptable" accuracy.
    Of course, compared to the Sten Mk III barrels where they just cut some grooves in a flat plate and then wrapped that around a mandrel to weld they seem quite good.
    your correct, only some of the Stevens production had 2 groove barrels.

    Some of the STEN Mk2 and 3 barrels were drawn over mandrel made, they were never flat sheet rolled and welded. They simply got a tube and pressed the rifled mandrel into the tube and then rolled the barrel under pressure. They then pressed out the mandrel and ended up with a barrel that looked like it had already fired 5000 rounds.

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