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    Question Help with part identification

    Hi all,

    Not a military vehicle enthusiast as such, but was hoping to tap into the expertise on the site. Came across the forum while searching for a identification on a possible piece of WW2 era military hardware found on an archaeological dig. I have attached a photo, according to the excavators, it is marked '1941' and '06A' (looks like '03A' in the photo?) and has another unclear maker's mark. Looks like it might be some kind of very large wing nut type part, for shutting off something, or securing something? The find location may have been used in water treatment/distribution by the military?

    Would be grateful for any pointers which may help identify the part, it's provenance or use.

    Many thanks,

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    You say the excavators found it, what kind of excavator and did they find anything else around it to give context?
    Also a thought any idea of the history of the site?

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    Pipe , chamber or pressure vessel inspection cover "yoke"

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    Several examples to be seen on this boiler:
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