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Thread: Fuel mix for ww2 vehicles

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    Quote Originally Posted by ARMYPHOTOS View Post
    Hi Richard. We have had problems with the Bio in modern petrol down here. For example we had to rebuild a petrol pump on an MW and found the Bio Petrol had "Eaten" some of the metal away at the point the petrol enters the glass cover. It looked like a sculpture of a set of sharks teeth. Another pump showed the same sort of damage.
    What is the evidence for it being the biofuel content rather than some other factor?

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    We may be going over so e old ground, but just in case:

    An old thread on Ethomix -

    FBVHC info on fuel changes, and the additives tested and approved -
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    This is what we need to watch for in our aircraft and I suspect some specialist vehicles would suffer with this too.

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    The best I have found over here in the US is Stabile Marine 360. Even protects the exposed interior of the tank....

    STA-BIL 360°® Marine™

    • Helps prevent corrosion above and below the fuel line – where no other additive can!
    • Ultimate treatment and protection against Ethanol blended fuels
    • Helps clean fuel system to improve performance
    • Stabilizes fuel up to 12 months
    • Use at every fill up
    • Helps increase power and fuel efficiency
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