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    Hello all

    I'm Yannic, french collector based close to Switzerland, in Alsace.
    I'm a Gunsmith with is own shop, selling arms and amunitions.
    I'm also collecting all type of military vehicles, I actually have :

    1 gmc CGKW 351
    1 gmc CCKW 352
    1 gmc CGKW 353
    1 Ward la France M1 (and not M1A1)
    1 Saurer 2CM
    1 Ferret MK 1/2
    1 Dodge WC 52
    1 FV 432
    1 BV 202
    1 PZ 61 (Swiss Panzer)
    Will come next: 1 Berliet TBU 64, 1 URAL and 1 Saurer MH4

    i'm here because I'm looking to find other people who likes these oldies like me and also to find some advises about them.

    Nice eastern to all of you

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    Hello Yannic,
    welcome to HMVF.
    you certainly have a nice collection of vehicles.
    i noticed your location in France, would I be correct in thinking Buggati had a factory in the area during both wars ?
    Molsheim Alsace or am I completely wrong as I have a engine WW2 that shows it was rebuilt there in 1960.

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    Welcome in. That is a nice collection of stuff. Did someone mention Buggati? Been reading up on Benoit and Williams latley.
    Leading the charge!
    Jeeps posed for pictures Dodges were to busy working. I'm not mad! My voices say I'm sane! And I am not in the pay of Jersey tourisim No longer a 101. Now a Dodge WC54. If there is one thing makes me angry, its all the Incredible Hulk Films!! (Tony Banner)

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    hello Yannic from Robin in Ireland I sold you an OT 64 manual and some valves a few years ago ,fancy a nice Saurer 2DM ?
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