From my time with the Royal Engineers ('76 - '94) I don't recall being issued with any form of personal first aid kit, beyond the standard field dressing taped to the front yoke strap of the '58 webbing. But we were all encouraged to carry some sort of self provided kit.

SOPs were usually taken as the minimum requirement to be carried in CEFO and the like, each individual would then add his own personal comfort touches. Many of us acquired extra water bottle pouches, which could be attached to vacant spaces on the webbing belt, for these little luxuries.

For myself I had 2 extra ones, one containing the repair kit. Medical/Hygiene stuff, mostly off the shelf at the local chemist. Plasters, anti septic cream and wipes, insect bite cream, extra talc, blister tape, pack of butterfly strips, couple of bandages and a pack of lint etc.

Also, like Tony B, I always had a pot of medical super glue as well. Marvellous stuff to use, clean the wound, raise the affected part to stop the bleeding long enough for the glue to set, and you're sorted. All you have to be careful of is not sticking other body parts to the wound.

Second pouch contained the real "First" aid kit, means of brewing up!! Tea, Coffee and the ubiquitous Gaz Bleuet to boil the water. Extra ration supliments in here too, pepper, curry and chili powder, OXO cubes and so on.