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Thread: Scorpion/Scimitar Restoration in New Zealand

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    Quote Originally Posted by dgrev View Post
    To explain Andy's observation: a cannon typically uses the breech ring in various ways to connect the barrel to the recoil system.
    Take away the breech ring and normally the barrel will just slide out of battery of its own accord if at all muzzle high. Beware as there is considerable momentum once it starts moving. Given that yours is obviously muzzle high, either it is rusted in place, the grease has gone solid or as Andy says, it may be welded.
    What ever the explanation, it should not be sitting the way it currently is.

    Were it a traditional French 75 (slay and recoil system) as used by almost all nations artillery and tanks up to WW2 the barrel would be connected to a slay, but would be free to slide without the breech ring.

    Were we talking the special light design that came about for the Saladin, the recoil unit would be effectively a wet tube (inner and outer cylinders with piston rings and a spring) that would surround the barrel and be very compact with the barrel NOT retained by way of the breech ring.
    But the Scorpion from what I can see in your photos uses a system half way between the 2 types mentioned above. It appears to have the barrel surrounded by a tubular mount but with separate return spring and piston tubes - most odd. There is no slay from what I can see. The barrel just slides in the housing - what is effectively the trunnion block/mantlet group. I would expect to find a large accurately machined bush in that housing and some means to lubricate it.

    I cannot see that removal is a case of a twist and a pull, but who knows, as this is a rather curious system. The Centurion had a lovely quick change barrel using an interrupted thread. You undid a locking bolt on the breech ring, then turned the barrel something like 30 and slid it out from the front. This left behind the breech ring still attached to the recoil system. Your photos appear to show a flange forward of the breech thread that is hard against the mounting, so I would think the barrel could only
    be removed rearwards.

    Somebody in the Alvis AFV group must have a manual detailing the workings of the main gun?

    From enquiries my understanding is that unless our barrel is welded in some place then it should pull out.

    The breech ring has interrupted screw threads which attach it to the barrel.

    There is a metal oval shaped thing in front of the breach ring (technical term 'yoke') which then attaches to the recoil system. the yoke splits in 2 and fits over the bobbins at the end of the buffer cylinder and recuperator cylinder (our recuperator bobbin has been cut off) then the yoke halves reattached. this i understand holds the barrel in place.
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    Default Re: Scorpion/Scimitar Restoration in New Zealand

    first coat of green plus more road wheels prepared for painting.
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