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Thread: It's here! (Bedford RL)

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    I'm not sure I would; it's designed for a different job, typically in static situations; and in my experience in the places you're using anti-sieze in close proximity to friction materials (e.g. anti-rattle shims on brake pads) you're using a very thin smear so contamination risk is very low.

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    Hmm. Fair enough. I'll keep looking, then.

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    Phew, these past couple of weeks have been a bit of a blur, again. I keep looking at the date-stamps on the photos and going

    Tuesday before last, after work, I refitted the NSR hub; put the wheels back on, discovered I'd forgotten to put the tapered washers back on, threw my hands up in the air, and went home.

    Wednesday, I pulled the wheels back off, put the tapered washers on, put the wheels back on again; and moved over to attacking the other side. Now, the OSR is the one I made an attempt at attacking last year, and couldn't get the drum off.

    Still didn't get the drum off on Wednesday, either. Took the whole hub off with the drum attached; which made it about as heavy and cumbersome to deal with as you might expect.
    For giggles, I took my camera with me and recorded most of the four-ish hours I was there; though, with the dead space and "sit here hammering on something for half an hour" clipped or sped-up, it's trimmed down to a little under an hour.

    (For those who can stomach nearly an hour of inane mumblemouth rambling, cursing, and the sounds of forklifts/angle grinders/things being hit with a hammer; the video is processing and shall be uploaded in due course. I promise I've removed most of my standing around thinking and scratching my head. )

    Nearly a week after that (Which was a surprise to me, it felt like a mere couple of days!), I got the drum separated from the hub; and oh boy did that take some effort. With the whole assembly sat on its back -- drum flat on the floor and the hub 'hanging' from the shoulders on the wheel studs -- I pounded on the end of the wheel studs with the 40oz "Persuader" until the thumping changed tone, and the hub dropped free not too long afterwards.

    I got complaints from everyone in the canteen on the other side of the building, because I'd filled their afternoon break with heavy thumping sounds. I then celebrated by wiring up the other sidelight; because why not!

    The hub has been cleaned up...


    (Yes, I used spray primer, rather than the nicer brush-on stuff. I wanted to get some primer on it sharp-ish, rather than leave the bare metal alone in the damp air of the workshop for too long.)

    ...and painted. (First coat, it looks much better after its second.)

    It's also gotten a new axle seal; even though it hadn't been leaking, I was already in that far and had the seal... it'd be silly not to! (Of course, now it'll bloody leak! )

    Out with the old seal, and admiring the bearing.

    Then gently, but firmly, seat the new one; as seen behind my fancy new hand-made artisanal wooden mallet.

    I've also now removed the brake shoes on the OSR, and am to attack the brake cylinder & expander next. Progress is a thing, it seems.

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