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Thread: It's here! (Bedford RL)

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    More little bits and pieces

    Some indicators, for one. Waiting on the switch, which hopefully might be delivered some time tomorrow.

    Keen-eyed viewers may also notice the front hub is mostly off (Just clamped by the brake shoes on the inside of the drum); this is to extract the front brake cylinder, which is turning into a little more of an ordeal than first expected. There's a strange valve type of thing on the port, that appears to also be fastened to one of the mounting bolts for the cylinder and is restricting access just a little. I'll have to get some pictures of it next time I'm down at the yard.

    While I'm in there, I'm also going to change the hub seal and clean out the marmite that may have at one point been grease. Yuck!

    Then I can put the hub, spacer, and wheel back on... so I can retrieve my axle stand and go fit the rear brake cylinders, which paves the way for some fluid plumbing.

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    Indicator switch fitted, but not yet wired, since I forgot just how easily the outer part of the column rotates; might have to come up with some other solution for mounting the indicator switch where I want it to be. I'll burn that bridge when I get to it.

    I also managed to put last weekend, and this bank holiday Monday, to good use; extracting the wheel cylinder from the front, and temporarily reassembling everything on that corner so I could pinch my axle stand for doing the rears.

    First little job of the day, separate the drum from the hub, to make it easier to work on the hub.

    I believe the marketing phrase to use here is "* Some sequences shortened." Plenty of use of the 2-1/2 lb hammer involved shifting that.

    Drum stowed in a side-locker, along with the others. All going according to plan so far.

    Some finagling with sockets, and spanners, and a little use of the small hammer of precision adjustment managed to extract the banjo bolt feed into the brake cylinder; and that funny valve-looking thing...

    Turns out to be just some sort of offset adaptor to go from the 1/2-20 flexible line, to the banjo bolt.

    And it has a hollow socket type of arrangement that sits over one of the studs holding the brake cylinder on.

    Anyway, moving on... bits 'fell off'. Once again taking some persuading to do so. It's almost like these parts haven't been removed in quite some time!

    The whole arrangement sits like so:

    No pictures of the rest of the day, but it was mostly slinging the hub back on and refitting the bearing lock-nuts, then hefting the wheel and spacer into place; so I could take the jack and stand out from under the front, lift the rear, and remove those wheels.

    And around rolled the bank holiday Monday, whereupon I didn't get a great deal of pictures, but there wasn't much to take a picture of; other than my frustrated tongue-stuck-out-in-concentration expression while I tried to juggle the expander and brake cylinder together on the axle, and hold them against spring pressure, while trying to rotate the bolt (it was originally a pair of studs with nuts, but I figured bolts would be easier. More fool me.) with a spare finger.

    ...Obviously, I was already short of hands enough as it was, so there are no pictures of my expression. Which is probably for the best.

    However, I did get this nice snap of the results of a few hours' progress in the morning.

    Some cleaning of the axle required!

    Then I went to re-fit the offside wheels to do the little jackstand shuffle across to the nearside and repeat the process; and broke my shovel trying to lift the outer wheel on.
    However, someone was smiling on me (for some reason. Maybe because they were laughing so hard at me hitting myself in the face with the handle of the shovel as it snapped off? ), because there turned out to be a length of beat up aluminium tube laying around that was the perfect size to hammer over the socket on the shovel.

    It's now a lightweight racing shovel.

    The other side was very much like the first, but the other way around. Also, since I had discovered that I didn't need to take the hub off to fit the expander, I didn't jack it anywhere near as high, so I should have a lot less trouble refitting the wheels. Of course, now I've said that...

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    I think the banjo is made like that for support. To stop the flexy from breaking or rotating the banjo on rough ground.
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    Quote Originally Posted by john1950 View Post
    I think the banjo is made like that for support. To stop the flexy from breaking the banjo on rough ground.
    That seems pretty reasonable, and it's a good solution to the problem!

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    Original jack handle was in 2 pieces if I recall correctly - trick in getting a wheel on was to take each piece and put it under the wheel either side of the contact point and lift on them. If solo then push on with your head, if with a co-driver he pushed the wheel on, and then whack a couple of wheel nuts on 2 or 3 turns. If you didn't have the right jack and jack handle (don't ask!!) then the pick axe helve and shovel handle could be used the same way.

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