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Thread: Mk1 Militant Tanker

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    She did spend most of her time with the Army Air Corps so you are probably right. Finding an "in service" photo would be priceless.

    If at first you dont succeed, get a bigger hammer........... avoid the disappointment and use the big hammer in the first place

    One Militant is not enough

    1954 AEC Militant Mk1 Timber Tractor 01BP60........aka. 375 UXK

    1954 AEC Militant Mk1 Fuel Tanker 65BN57.......aka. 294 UYU

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    Hi Not much help.

    I recall doing the casting inspection and testing for 11 of these old girls about 1979/81. Shame though they were in fine condition and needed only minor repairs and servicing. The bulk loading testes for all of them showed no leaks or seized valves.
    Buggers to drive.

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