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Thread: Morris Tilly late model

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    Default Morris Tilly late model

    Hello All,

    Some months back I introduced myself and the Tilly that Hugh Davies had located for me, a rather battered relic, but due to its location has remained largely free of serious rust. Heres some new shots of it in my mates workshop.

    Our first step is to strip back to the "chassis", make it sound then on to the steering and suspension, so bits are progressively being sent off to the local sand blaster then being undercoated, plenty of "minion" work for an unskilled/inexperienced knucklehead like myself, leaving the more technically challenging work for my Mate /mentor/master John Neville.

    Unexpectedly an opportunity came up to acquire some more! through Hugh Davies and negotiations by John Neville, i met Lenny Watkins, who offered me two more, it was an all or nothing offer, as he said as soon as you see the good one you won't be able to leave it. Despite initial misgivings, I don't regret getting them both. Especially since much of the sheetmetal of the "rough" one is sadly as thin as egg shells and of little use. We may get an engine and lots of useful fittings out of it though.

    The Good one is, extremely complete, its not without issues but despite not being ran for 15-20 years with new points, goes! and moves under its own steam! Very exciting! My Wife has named it, rather appropriately, Matilda! Its not without its isues and may need the sacrifice of a morris 10m

    Since a feature on the first tilly was placed in Tilly Text, a chap called Andrew Curran in Perth, currently restoring a Austin Tilly offered me parts he rescued from a Morris Tilly in a garage due for demolition many years ago, which should be arriving tomorrow at my work. Exciting times!

    Chris Collins

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    Default Re: Morris Tilly late model

    Looking forward to seeing the resurrection of this Tilly;
    Could I ask a favour? Would it be possible to take a photograph and measurements of the rear shock absorber brackets, the lengths of the arms and links.

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    Default Re: Morris Tilly late model

    I remember seeing that good one when being shown around Len's property about 18 years ago, still looks like it did then, have a photo somewhere.

    Richard Farrant

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    Default Re: Morris Tilly late model

    Andy B: I'll see what I can do! Should be able to find what you want though it might be somewhat disassembled.

    Richard: it is still a bit of a treasure trove there though now due to the road situation getting some of his bigger vehicles would be a real challenge to get out, though he has a lot of nice things under cover.


    Chris Collins

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    Default Re: Morris Tilly late model

    Time for an update!

    AndyB, sorry i havent peiced together those photos yet though now the rear axle is coming together, i should be able to get what you need now that its more than just a bewildering array of parts back from the sand blaster.

    below you can see much of the progress we've made so far, note SCC2 brown made up based on Mike Starmers mixes (from Tilly Colours a great little resource), suprisingly close to the colour of several parts we're finding here and there (not to mention amo boxes).

    Click image for larger version. 

Name:	rear axle 2.jpg 
Views:	5 
Size:	112.8 KB 
ID:	113296Click image for larger version. 

Name:	Front axle.jpg 
Views:	2 
Size:	99.7 KB 
ID:	113297Click image for larger version. 

Name:	Rear axle 1.jpg 
Views:	3 
Size:	214.6 KB 
ID:	113298

    A nice original feature we have on the diff housing on the SA tilly is a partially whitened diff, no doubt for the convoy light, kind of suprising it would have such a feature as you could barely see it fron another vehicle
    Click image for larger version. 

Name:	Diff White.jpg 
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Size:	131.4 KB 
ID:	113299
    Another project we are contemplating is the steering wheels, the originals are badly degraded and we're debating either finding better new old stock examples or homebrew recasting them using High impact resistant resins, A local wheel restorer quoted a scary figure. we're figuring they must be a pretty common wheel used in a variety of Morris/BMC vehicles and we're hoping some might surface (hint hint...)
    Click image for larger version. 

Name:	steering wheels.jpg 
Views:	4 
Size:	141.3 KB 
ID:	113300

    Next major task is getting the wheels cleaned up and tyred, then we're sacrificing a Morris 10m for a decent uni-chassis.


    Chris Collins

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    Default Re: Morris Tilly late model

    Here an update from John Neville, showing the
    First Tilly arriving from SA. Its currently posted on MLU.

    "Having finally got all the Tilly photos on to a computer that is easier to load on this forum than using an Ipad it is time for an update and a few more 'before' photos.

    Chris aquired over a peeriod of about four months either complete(?!) or the remains of a total of four Morris Tillys out of what we beleive was forty that came to Australia. All so far have been 'knockdown' versions with removable rooves. There was enough to complete two vehicles as detailed above. To date we have completed the rebuild of two rear axles, front axles, two sets of springs, tailshafts and steering boxes. Out of the total of about ten complete sets of front and rear springs I salvaged enough leaves to reset two complete sets. Many of the leaves were broken or had splits running lengthwise, which I had never seen before. Many hours of hammering to reset the leaves sand blasting and reassembly.

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    Default Re: Morris Tilly late model

    This original vehicle had come via Hugh Davis from outback South Australia. I believe when Hugh rescued it it was upside down which may have saved alot of the sheet metal and at some stage an excavator bucket had been rested on its roof. It looks alot worse than it is with all the timber having rotted away. The initial thought was it could be rebuilt but after assessing the complete Tilly from Len Watkins the chassis of both are a bit too far gone.
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    Default Re: Morris Tilly late model

    More photos
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    Default Re: Morris Tilly late model

    more photos
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    Default Re: Morris Tilly late model

    We were short of an engine with this original Tilly hence the lead to Len Watkins and the purchase of the complete Tilly plus the remains of a second which had a complete engine still in situ. We got the complete vehicle running, and the engine was stripped from the othe remains.
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