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Thread: Vickers K Drum mag for sale

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    Default Vickers K Drum mag for sale

    I have a nice Vickers K drum mag for sale for all you recce types...

    $650 USD ONO plus shipping across the pond...
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    42 Humber AC MK IV F133178
    42 Otter MKI
    43 UC Mk II* CT83574
    44 C15TA CZ4287910
    X-42 Daimler Dingo Mk II F47915
    X-43 Daimler Dingo Mk II F206044
    X-44 Humber Scout Car Mk II F198307
    X-44 Cromwell Mk VII/FV4101 Charioteer/Jordanian
    X-86 Land Rover 90 74KF25

    Washington DC, St. Louis, Mo., Brasov RO.

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