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Thread: Steering wheel restoration

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    Default Steering wheel restoration

    I have several Dodges that have reasonably good steering wheels, but with the usual spoke cracks detracting from otherwise nice wheels.

    I need to find a repair / material / procedure that I can carry out on the vehicle ( as opposed to sending off for repair - if you had ever pulled a Dodge steering wheel you would know why ...) Anyone have any suggestions as to proprietary materials and procedures to use?


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    Default Re: Steering wheel restoration

    Have a look at the Frost website - they do a wheel restoration kit although I've not tried it , the last one I needed done I sent to Wheelwrights in Morecombe who did a fantastic job but obviously significantly more expensive .
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    Default Re: Steering wheel restoration

    I have bought one of the Frost repair kits, and having spoken to people who have used these kits very impressive results are possible. I will be repairing the Chevy wheel soon, I'll keep you posted on my progress
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    Default Re: Steering wheel restoration

    I was impressed with this restoration

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