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Thread: Spotted today....

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    Today at 08.10 lanterns marked sliding axle low loader 19 to 18 m25 with a Sherman vvss unusually painted all in dersert sand colour.
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    it was mine coming back from a film shoot. We painted it desert sand as it was portaying an Israeli Sherman.

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    Spotted today on the M6 heading north between junctions 11A & 12 at approx 12:15, a V2 ROCKET on the back of an artic, it was painted green and looked to be partially sectioned. The big question is, was it real or a replica? And where was it going?

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    RAF museum?
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    Hendon is moving bits and bobs to Cosford.......just a thought

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    Yesterday morning met an Oshkosh tractor and artic low load trailer transporting a Pinzgauer presumably up to DSV (or whatever they're called this week ) . Met the empty truck on it's way back out on my return journey .
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