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  2. halftrackman

    sherman M4A4 (in France )

    I sure enjoy looking at your pictures . They getting better all the time. The engines looks great . Thanks w Watson
  3. draganm

    Panther found in Ukraine?

    looks like German E-bay, but doesn't look like an E-bay page I've ever seen? Is it fake? https://translate.googleusercontent.com/translate_c?depth=1&rurl=translate.google.com&sl=auto&sp=nmt4&tl=en&u=https://www.ebay-kleinanzeigen.de/s-anzeige/panzer-panther-aus-2-weltkrieg/1034727330-234-6456&xid=17259,15700022,15700124,15700186,15700190,15700201,15700248&usg=ALkJrhj33GMnrm2JXlbydZDbOKBbrWGHlQ
  4. CaptMax

    Daimler Armoured Car

    Disregard, edited but could not delete.
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  6. Having seperated from my wife my life's taken more of a fun turning I now live on a boat. Bought myself a new motorbike and generally got a fun outlook on life including my two young children. We attend steamfairs and quite like the idea of a show for them But now I'm thinking of getting a bedford mj/mk or the day depending on budget. I have strong memories of them as my dad served 24years in the game. Can anyone give a accurate price band On the road project needing a little bit work of both the bedford and the day? I would prefer the bedford personally! And also a good place to source one? Cheers ben
  7. Nice pics, Mike. I can omly speculate ast to why it was set up like this. I know our load/length laws were different than elsewhere, thus the SAR Kenworth. Obviously you can quite easily carry a Cent using just 18 tyres, you don't need the 50 of the Aus Army setup! It might even have been to lower the ground pressure for a level of off-road ability.
  8. Richard Farrant

    Bedford QLT restoration 82RB41

    Looks good !
  9. G7MRV


    I am aware this is an old thread, but anyone searching for 344 info will inevitably find it. It is very easy to ensure you stay legal with the 344, regardless of whether you have a handset, headset, remote radio attached, or select BEACON mode, you simply need to disable the transmitter. But you say, I would NEVER transmit! Well, maybe not deliberately, but who hasnt turned a switch the wrong way accidentally? How easy is it to catch the pressel on a handset? And what about inquisitive fingers from the public at a display when your backs turned? This is a very easy fix. First, remove the battery! On the larger side cover (not the switch side), remove the 14 hex bolts and lift off the cover. On the plate with the switches underneath, you will see a U shaped section of thick stainless steel wire, clipped over a screw in the middle and with its ends going into two holes. Lift this up with a screwdriver near the screw, and it will come off - this is the module removal tool! Now, locate module 3 (all modules are numbered on their tops), you will see it has holes in the corners. Insert the ends of the tool in these holes, and gently pull. The module will come out. Check it says Amplifier Direct Current on the side (to make sure you havent pulled out the wrong one!), and put it away somewhere safe (so you can put it back if you sell the set). Replace the extractor tool, making sure it is securely clipped down (if it comes loose inside it will cause big problems!), and refit the lid, making sure to put it back on the way around you removed it, as there are foam pads attached that hold the modules down. Tighten up the bolts. Your set will now work just as before, only it will not transmit. Module 3 is the Direct Current Amplifier. It is responsible for providing the control voltages that activate the transmit amplifiers, and switch the antenna relay. It also provides the sidetone on transmit (audio feedback to the headgear). Inside it, there is a logic control gate, which will only activate if it gets a Phase Lock signal from the synthesiser, indicating that the frequency is stable. By removing module 3, there is no logic control, so no control signals to the rest of the transmitter. And, you havent actually modified the radio, so its still in original condition. Martin G7MRV
  10. The typical single and twin axle Jeep Dollies as used by heavy hauliers are used to supplement the tractor rear axles, not to be the main load carriers. As John has written, it could be that regulations in Australia require such a set up, perhaps Graeme knows the answer. Out of interest here are a couple of developement vehicles under test and an illustrated list of Contractor parts for Graeme to be getting on with. The rear bogie in all cases is the 30 ton version as opposed to the heavier 40 ton.
  11. https://whitelabel-2.globalauctionplatform.com/en-gb/auction-catalogues/wca/catalogue-id-witham1-10000/lot-f3cf8f53-74a3-419b-a8df-a9d60104e741
  12. johnwardle

    Bedford MK & MJ spares

    Spotted on Brightwells Live auction site, New seats, New drivers door, prop shafts and various other parts for Bedford MK & MJ, look for DMC 7BD in their descriptions.
  13. matchlesswdg3

    Armour in Germany and the Law

    Or does "Tower" mean a tank top? These should all have been banned years ago!
  14. Kloud Nine


    Anyone know where I can get hold of one? Cheers, C.
  15. Just found out the front wheel on the WD-C is Thriumph Speed Twin!! this bike is getting cheaper by the month! Cheers, Lex
  16. retalator

    Bedford QLT restoration 82RB41

    I cant remember where i read it but I believe this brown was referred to as milky chocolate. I used the find that Richard Farrant made on the inside of a vehicle panel of the colour s.c.c no2 brown. i purchased a supply of the colour Richard had made by RR services.
  17. retalator

    Bedford QLT restoration 82RB41

    Two days ago i started to put the first coat of service brown on.
  18. Gordon_M

    Hi from the heart of USA

    You should have had a reply direct from Hanno at MLU Mike, let me know if you didn't get it. ( I did e-mail you direct but your e-mail bounced me ) Gordon
  19. johann morris

    British Army Robot Wars

    All of which would be totally useless as if there were a major conflict conscription would be introduced. According to CMV this month, in 2018 there was a joint exercise between the Russians and the Chinese forces in Siberia and Mongolia, taking part were 300,000 troops, 36,000 tanks and 1000 aircraft. You cant honestly think, that apart from the nuclear option, there is any chance of those pathetic remote controlled tanks, that would be made hacked and made inoperable anyway or costly technology that we cant afford, can have any chance of success. When it comes to war, a great general once said that God sides with “whichever side has the biggest battalions”.
  20. retalator

    Bedford QLT restoration 82RB41

    I have been using all the information that Mike Starmer has done on british army colours & disruptive camouflage of 1936-1945 to decided. According to my key card my vehicle is from contract V4914 and it chassis is 12449. this suggests that my vehicle was built in 1942 I know in may 1942 that there was a shortage of material to produce green paint so i have decided to psint the vehicle S.c.c no 2 brown i have already spray the chassis and axle with an under coat.
  21. retalator

    Bedford QLT restoration 82RB41

    But i have also found what looks like deep bronze green no 24.
  22. retalator

    Bedford QLT restoration 82RB41

    This has taken alot of hours so far and more to go. I think next time i will have someone else shot blast it all down in one go. i have been debating with myself what colour to repaint the vehicle. I have found what looks like s.c.c no 15 olive drab on the chassis.
  23. retalator

    Bedford QLT restoration 82RB41

    When i started I thought I would have all the time in the world to restore my Bedford. How wrong i was. i decided to clean all the parts, shot blast and wire brush everything down myself.
  24. Dear All, As far as I can see this is a really dumb design of tank transporter developed to meet equally foolish civilian heavy haulage regulations.. No doubt the prevailing regulations provide for low axle weights and a wide spread. It would be fine for wide open roads of Australia or North America but absolutely hopeless in many parts of the world. What happens if in a tactical situation you need to reverse and turn around? John
  25. Last week
  26. halftrackman

    Hi from the heart of USA

    Well I be, I did live in Gary Indiana, Worked in the steel mills for a while, also did a lot of fighting in the bars and owned 3 new Plymouth roadrunners. The good old days but them days are over. I am vj on g503 and 68t on steelsoldier forum.
  27. Thanks, Wally. I will drop them a line. Much appreciated. Graeme.
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