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  2. Plenty Meat Update. The ultrasonic gubbins has recorded wall thickness in the 9's and 10's (mm) with a one off low of 7.8 this is well good enough to fit a standard liner and the pistons will be turned down to suit as was originally intended. This is wonderful news and I was surprised to hear the good thickness readings, which must be down to reduced corrosion on the water side. The only downer is the radiused corners on the piston tops, but that's not going to stop it running and everything else will be as standard. One question, will I need new rings or just re gap the old ones ? The difference in bores will be 20 thou. smaller.
  3. Looking really good Steve, well done. 👍🙂
  4. Me too! I got mine back together last night and it started first kick......After it had warmed up, I re-torqued the head bolts, and today I ran it down to Coy Pond to show the ducks. (They went Quackers over it). The clatter is definitely better and since everything now is checked out or renewed, I'll accept that the slight clatter is what it's supposed to sound like. I'll just check the head bolts one last time later (I have a solid copper gasket fitted, so no fear of a modern composite version blowing out) Ron
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  6. Have you seen these? http://www.nam.ac.uk/online-collection/detail.php?acc=2002-12-6-1 https://www.nam.ac.uk/explore/army-catering-corps http://www.royallogisticcorps.co.uk/?s=Catering+&submit=
  7. MatchFuzee

    BSA WDB40

    In this thread, an EMGO 12-94200 is close to the CA2602 filter:- http://www.britbike.com/forums/ubbthreads.php?ubb=showflat&Number=496128
  8. Dennis lives on! I have just noticed my local council has put some new 19 reg Dennis bin wagons on the road.
  9. Yes they were on the larger trollies,think I've spotted one local to me so I'm going to have a look as its just appeared,have a feeling its been dragged out poss 4 scrap collection!!
  10. What information do you have on the workshop servicing trailer No3?

    Is there a CES or manual around for it?

  11. I see a picture of a lubrication trailer.Workshop Servicing No3 Do you still have it around or have contact with new owner? I have one the same here in New Zealand but it's missing a lot of the internals like pipework, compressor, tank and engine. I would like to see lots of photos of the interior so I can make out what all the parts are, what type of engine runs what type of compressor , how the pipework was fitted and terminated. My trailer had one hose rack, some grease pots, a lubrication chart file holder and a handle that allows operator to move trailer by hand but very little left of internal details
  12. Thanks Tony, I'll look into it, but would be nice to talk to someone who has one.
  13. Thanks for that, but this is a totally different beastie
  14. Yesterday
  15. The NZ Army in Libya WW2 used a similar device, the 'Thermette'. Google and ye shall see. The British Army has never, to my knowledge of them in Libya, ever had anything so 'sophisticated' though I'd be very happy to be otherwise verifiably informed. Improvisation seemed to be the game even when other means of boiling a billy (mess tin too) were available; nominally any small-medium sized metal drum or box, sometimes intentionally perforated, was dug a little way into the sand and then half-filled with sand and petrol (too hot!) or vehicle/gun oil (just right) and, this was the BENGHAZI BURNER. Even in the 1960s. Very useful in sandy climes but not recommended on heathland or in the woods.
  16. 101 Ron

    BSA WDB40

    I am still using a small supply of original army filters. my searches for a civil replacement air filter never came up with a direct match. I think the closest one I found would fit with rework of the filter and the plate that holds it. Fiat Bambino??????? an long time a go when I looked at this. Ron
  17. I should have guessed. Thanks Alan. A bit more of a market for them in the UK.
  18. All pistons are marked 30.C on the tops. This should mean +30 thou. Size C, which was the only oversize piston available post war. In fact the pistons measure just under +20 thou. and have been turned down to match worn bores, with their top corners rounded off to avoid the step , ( just visible in the previous pics.) This apparently was common practice in the day. During the war no oversize pistons were supplied and the Army ended up casting their own at Base Workshops to prolong the life of engines. Info; "Auriga" Book of the Thornycroft p.87-89 The plan is therefore to attempt to fit liners to standard size A and turn down the pistons to match. This all depends on the remaining wall thickness, which is due to be measured with an ultrasonic gismo by an ex Williams racing engineer on Friday. Exciting stuff this isn't it ?
  19. Another way to a replica Tallboy:-
  20. Upkeep, Tallboy, Grand Slam and the 1200 lb Blockbuster used either the larger E type trolley or the H type which was an E type with loading winches.
  21. Perhaps they still have the mould. Try Richard Taylor at http://493bgdebach.co.uk/
  22. Hey,there good that's just what I had in mind,its just a matter of a mould!! Bet they don't bounce about during transport!!
  23. NOEL If you were to do any thing on longmoor there a number of good books by my old boss COLONEL DAVID RONALD on the railway we had no end of plans and pictures at the museum before it closed the ROYAL ENGINEERS MUSEUM may hold what was at beverley. To add to the subject of VRNS all new vehicles purchased between 1945 /49 still had the wartime census style numbering starting with a pre fix letter these vehicle were renumbered in 1950 with the two number two letters two numbers the first been 80 inch Land Rovers in the BC series purchased in 1949
  24. 7DN is Dennis, 7HSKY is Husky
  25. Tim, they seem to have come from Italy.
  26. Why think small. Go for a Grand Slam instead.
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