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  2. I did not know that it was in the north east not far from where I came from. Its a fair distance to test at Ashley range in Hampshire
  3. My wifes family filled bombs with explosive they were always yellowish with the explosive
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  5. More the seagulls, may need more missiles too😆
  6. It is looking really nice. Do you know which company made the workshop body for it. There should have been an ordnance plate on it but that may have disappeared. There is a similar bodied FWD out in California. I cannot remember the name of the owner. Have you made contact with him?
  7. Nikwax products are the best I have found. The original launch stunt was to waterproof a down Annaperna sleeping bag then float the 13 stone inventor over a seven foot deep pond. It did get peoples attention. 😀
  8. The Phesants getting to be that much of a problem? 😁 PM sent
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  10. This thread may help in part http://hmvf.co.uk/topic/40425-confused-numbers/
  11. I really find the the assertions made by Mr. Wheatley pretty ridiculous, and he contradicts his own assertions with the first hand accounts he quotes from German soldiers. The whole thing smells propagandist and just another facet of the "Russia-gate" nonsense being pushed by the media here Utter nonsene
  12. I’m still trying to complete my Rapier Launcher, need to find a ‘Screamer’ generator next. one question I have is about registration numbers. All military trailers have their own number, usually stamped on the chassis plate. I can’t find a chassis plate on mine with a number on it, were these trailers issued a number or did they carry the tow vehicles number?
  13. I was thinking yesterday, "I'm really in the mood for another " Nazi gold train" and Whoila ! These things are great and this one doesn't disappoint , coming with the requisite artists sketch of gold filled chests at the bottom of a shaft. For the locals, every rusty hatch-door in the Forrest is worth tens of thousands of Euros in tourist dollars hopefully it will be fun to watch
  14. Tall Boy 12000 lb length 21feet 6inches dia 3feet 2inches tail length approx 11 feet explosive content 5200lbs Grand Slam 22000 lb length 26 feet 6 inches dia 3 feet 10 inches tail length 13 feet 6 inches explosive content 9160 lb After being filled with explosive they took up to 4 weeks to cool before use. I remember years ago seeing pictures of parts of Tall Boys being manufactured by Vickers on Tyneside.
  15. Not many aircraft survived 100 ops, but 35 did 100 or more. Only info I can find on this is a book. Wasn't the BBMF Lancaster given a Ton Up paint scheme on one side a few years back? https://www.google.com/search?q=Ton-Up+Lancs&rlz=1C1GGRV_enGB751GB751&oq=Ton-Up+Lancs&aqs=chrome..69i57j69i60l3.1191j0j7&sourceid=chrome&ie=UTF-8
  16. Agreed, the attrition rate in bomber command was something like 44% and I still marvel at how Gibson clocked up 173 ops, Cheshire over 100 and Tait 103. A tour of duty was 30 ops and if you survived those you would not be expected to fly another tour but many did.
  17. The bomber crews had a tough job very brave men we owe them a lot it took sum guts to do it.
  18. Great to hear personal family histories. The tall boy bomb just fit the Lancaster bomb bay .I think I heard it was 21ft high and took two days to load with explosive but it broke the windows all around for several miles and lifted the Tirpitz out of the water and broke it back
  19. I would like all the documents back some I paid good money for and are for the vehicles history.You should comply With the size of number plates otherwise you get pulled by the police. They should have sent the form for legal number plates home painted ones apparently are not legal. I will chase them up again on Monday. Missed a lot of local shows with all the delays
  20. Ehi there, I'm searching for a diecast project I have, a spare track shoe from a M1 Abrams like the one in the pic I've attached. Does someone know where I can buy or ask one? I tried many websites but no one helped me...
  21. Tyres especially large tyres build up heat internally, because of the way they are made. there is a natural heat build up in the tyre wall because of movement of the cords and carcase materials within the rubber compound as the tyre rotates and flexes. That is why older tyres with more layers of cords run hotter than more modern constructed tyres. Cross ply, bias belted and radial construction are made for different but overlapping purposes. Steer tyres heat up for several reasons, running at the wrong pressure, overloaded, exceeding the tonne mile per hour rating of the tyre, or running out of track. Older crossply tyes that have been standing in one spot for a some time settle to that shape and need to warm up to become round again usually giving a rough ride for a few miles. Old mechanics storing vehicles for the winter always put them up on blocks.
  22. Offering a new made fuel tank for Studebaker US6, freshly primed. 400 € plus shipping from Lithuania. Please PM. Have just one.
  23. Some very nicely made parts there,always good to see. Its a good job I don't have a Big 4 or I'd be having to add a chair with a driven wheel !
  24. AEC Militant is roughly the same size as a Hippo, and has the same 1400 tyres. Handbook for the Militant shows two sets of pressures for normal road use. For the short wheel base gun tractor: 47 psi Front, 67 Rear For the long wheelbase cargo: 50 Front and 95 Rear. I find with my Timber Tractor, that when she is first run out at the beginning of the year, after being parked up all winter, the ride is very hard and bouncy. But after a good soaking of the leaf springs in WD 40 or similiar, plus couple of hundred miles or so of driving to shows etc in the spring, she calms down and becomes a bit more respectable. Took the Tanker out for its first test run recently and that was quite a hard ride. I'm expecting that to improve the more use it gets. So your Hippo may be the same, suspension has got to get broken in so to speak. As for tyres getting warm, it doesn't really happen. 1400 tyre is a big lump of rubber to get any heat into as it dissipates out too quickly.
  25. Ron

    Norton Big four

    Ha Ha! I'll let you know Rik. Ron
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  27. 79x100

    Norton Big four

    Ron, you really should go off-roading with the SWD Big 4. I'm an experienced passenger who doesn't mind getting muddy Just give me a shout 🙂
  28. That’s a Very nice bike Ron 👍
  29. Hi Nigel, Many thanks for letting me know. Regards Mark
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