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  2. Was it typical for British trucks, (and particular military units), to stay with wood spoked wheels longer or did the British engineers change over to steel and cast iron wheels earlier than the US did? Al
  3. Nice pictures and thanks for the reference. It looks like this Locomobile has had a different radiator built, probably to replace a missing unit? Do you know the story? I watched the VIdeo clip that showed this rig running at a show. It sure runs nice. Al
  4. Hi, email sent👍🏻 Don
  5. I always prefer some provenance with such stories. Lots of Welbikes were sold off in the USA.
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  7. Hello Ron, yes that's what I thought. My mate bought it from the USA (via ebay) very recently. The story was the bike was taken to the US by a returning soldier from "101st Infantry" (to quote). It was taken back in a "bomber stored in a round container". The bike came to Ian (my mate) original except tyres and Ht lead. The original tyres and ht lead were in the ebay pics but weren't in the box upon delivery and only changed for the sale. The bike is a Mk1 (very close frame no to mine) but it has, what looks like a factory fitted rear mudguard. All the other mk1 bits are there. I'm wondering if it went back to factory had mudguard fitted and a different flywheel fitted- what's your thoughts? Thanks as always, Kings.
  8. For sale is this used exhaust manifold for a Canadian Dodge. There is a tear on it a the end of the manifold but it's good weldable. any fair offer will be OK. Thanks, Paul.
  9. no the date of your jeep it would have the type 2 earth bonding only a few earth straps and a load of earth washers for example the body bolt by your foot would be like the order in the picture you can get this set from jeepest in France the best set around
  10. Camt thank you enough Jerry that great, i spent hours trying to reveal it, would this followed or started by an `S`. Also 8 numbers is that correct always thought there was 7. Steve
  11. your hood number will be 20704655 built April 1945 under contract w-33-019-1885 chassis range from mb431301 to mb438041
  12. as promised the yellow paint, this is on top of the inner screen but has been evident on the hood and outer screen, now covered with red oxide.
  13. Hi guys could anyone help me to estimate my hood number please, after careful paint removal no numbers where evident although this is an original hood, anyway the main details of this MB are engine number; MB566495 VIN;432030 DOD;04/03/1945 like everyone else i would like to have a unique number for my old girl, thanks in advance. Tried G503 forums no luck there.
  14. HMVyank


    I am in negotiations to purchase this one. Here are some photos, love to hear your thoughts... https://photos.google.com/share/AF1QipNGpIkNZIvxwobdN4Kt-KQ8P_n2VSpDo9scANilF653DAFwEq-tDWCwcx6K32o4Hg?key=bHBCUUlQNjdHNTlpMW0tS1c0TnVaMEF4VEoydDNn thx Winston
  15. Hi guys. I’ve just got a batch of the excellent “In Detail” books focusing on Military Land Rovers. The details and web links are below but if you have any questions, please do message me or email me at gg@motorcycleresults.com First up we have “Airborne Landies in Detail” which is £21.00 plus postage (UK £3.78, EU: £9.70, ROW £13.20) https://www.motorcycleracer.com/LAN1 There is also “Special Operations Landies in Detail” which is £24.00 plus postage (UK £4.70, EU £13.43, ROW £19.18) https://www.motorcycleracer.com/LAN3 And finally “Up-Armoured Landies in Detail” at £19.00 plus postage (UK £3.78, EU £9.70, ROW £13.20) https://www.motorcycleracer.com/LAN2 All the best, Cheers Graham
  16. Surveyor


    Steve Its in Kennoway, Fife and the Curry Shop next door, Ramzan's sponsors it. I often see some people looking after it
  17. Ex-boy


    That is a lovely tribute to the fallen. Someone has put in a lot of effort, so thank you for posting. Steve.
  18. I’m afraid I can’t answer your question Patsy, although Menden (as well as Minden) were army bases. I was with LAD REME 5th Inniskilling Dragoon Guards in the late 70s but as you say, it is a long time ago. I’m surprised someone hasn’t given a definitive answer though. Keep hoping. Regards, Steve.
  19. So, the two large white leads heading off to the starter motor, 1 is a negative, the other carrying 24 volts, in the engine junction box I located the starter motor solenoid wire, when I press the engine starter switch, 19-20 volts runs through this, im thinking it's a faulty starter motor, does everyone agree ? or have I missed something. Andrew
  20. It's probably a mag wheel off another bike. For instance if it's off an engine where the mag is on the right, the mark will be in a totally different place. Best to set the timing the way you have done and scribe a fresh mark for future use. Ron
  21. with this time of lock down I decided to start model making again and got myself some new and old kits to build all the best stay safe keep building jerry
  22. your matador had the wartime census number H4133548 when it was rebuilt it had the census number of H1721105 when the new form of registration numbers where issued it had the number 93 YY 45 until it was sold it was built under contract number V 3501 it was a order for 623 medium artillery tractor the contract ran from the 24/8/39 to 7/40
  23. I have a little trouble again with the PC, they have minds of their own..... Three pairs have been sold away from HMVF and I have two pairs left. Bigdon can have one set and RUXY the other set. Will they both please e-mail me direct on ukbmv@blueyonder.co.uk. Thanks Bob
  24. Reading your very first message my initial thought is that you have lost the distributor timing, as Iain suggests. By all means spin it and check an HT lead to block for spark, if there isn't any check your rotor arm is turning.
  25. There are a fair few that are 50 years old. In 1955 the student union I would later join took on a 40 year old fire engine. When I joined it was 70 years old and the transit vans were fairly new. Now the fire engine is 100 years old and those union minibuses would be getting on for 40 years old (if they still existed) Time just keeps happening. (numbers for illustration only, some rounding has taken place)
  26. Hello all, my mate has just bought a 1942 Welbike. We've had it running, but poorly. I too have a WB that runs fine (finished race to the bridge last yr). My bike's timing is set accordingly to the wksp manual ie. Piston at tbc and line flywheel Mark to line on crankcase. So on my mates bike this is what I did- wouldn't start. So I did it by when the points just open with the piston at 1/4" btdc and the two lines are miles out but it runs - not great tho'. Anybody come across this before on a welbike ? Thanks
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