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  2. Thank you Richards, much appreciated
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  4. Seeing this dug into the memory banks... I worked on a modified AFV432 project at RARDE Chertsey a long time ago. The K60 engine had been removed and a 6-cylinder Cummins unit with variable geometry turbocharger fitted to the crew compartment. The driveshaft ran forward into the steering box...right past the driving position. The tank shop foreman insisted we made up a guard that would retain the driveshaft in event of any failure of said shaft. It was a very substantial hooped bracket. In due course the driveshaft did fail whilst the engine was under max load...had the guard not been there to restrain it the damage to the driver would have been described as "life changing injuries" as it flapped around unrestrained. Looking at that driveshaft running across the hull and its proximity to the drivers legs triggered this memory...and if you have not already done so...do please consider a guard or restraint to limit how much damage the driveshafts could do in the event of a failure. Apologies if its already in hand, but it would be remiss of me not to share this experience I think.
  5. Hello, My name is Martin and i am new to the world of Military Vehicles. I live in East Kent and have recently bought a 1944 Ford GPW Jeep in need of some restoration. I have identified the Chassis No as 200959 and need some help in finding out some more details about this jeep. Any help would be greatly appreciated.
  6. I understand that as well as LWB and SWB "premium" market versions, a commercial version will be offered at about £10k less than the cheapest Chelsea tractor version. Still auto box......as, apparently, will be the proposed Grenadier 4x4, based on BMW powertrain. And why not; autoboxes are v good these days and technology has moved on way beyond porridge stirring.
  7. Thanks for that info Chris.
  8. EX-boy, What can I say but thanks and I am glad that you are enjoying following it, as much as I am constructing it. Jon
  9. Winchboy has bought a series 2a truck cab. He has the rear canvas but no sticks etc for it, he wants to make a set as being an apprentice he should be able to and he has very little spare cash as he needs 5 tyres! So has any one a set they could measure? How would you clean the canvas? Should we stare proof it Fabsil as we have some?
  10. One reason you never know the quality of fuel you are going to get. Better an engine at low power running than high performance stationary. Add the Squaddie factor, flat out trust in the Lord, and it gets expensive.
  11. Thanks Terry That is a lovely truck and looks well looked after. If you get the time and inclination it would be great to hear its story. And more pics of course! Iain
  12. I have a coventry climax 4 cylinder air cooled genset 6kva. The set is trailer mounted. I am trying to find a manual or a copy of one. if anyone can help that would be appreciated.
  13. Problem is with the money well known personalitys are being paid to promote the vehicle you won't see a bad review. The first time a dashboard light comes up, say three weeks after purchase, the value will halve as you couldn't afford the main dealear cost of turning it off.
  14. JLR seem to have gone very Prissy about the comments on the New Defender- With the DNA of the original! Don't seem to like the suggestion that what they really have is a Mutant Strain.
  15. Try Rob Zero Five Two. He has a Routemaster under his care.
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  17. My immediate thought was that the truck closest to the camera was a 1933 British Bedford WGH like these two.
  18. These are just some of the pics of my leyland martian as requested Thanks for your help Terry
  19. On the side of the Crank Case, the Oil Gauge Cock should be fitted - there is provision there for it to be held on by four nutted studs. Two of the studs are missing and again, the two remaining ones are an unusual thread - 1/4" by 27 which we find is another UNS thread. All of the lorries that we have worked on so far have had different threads - the Autocars were UNC, the FWD was UNF, the Dennis was BSF and the Thorny was Whit. We did think that by the time that we got around to the Peerless, we would have had all the Taps and Dies in stock that we would ever need in hand from those previous completed restorations and now the Peerless is throwing up UNS at us. 1/4" x 27 UNS is again readily available through USA Amazon and is not expensive.
  20. The WW1 4.5 howitzer was a short barrelled weapon. It was also (converted to run on pneumatic tyres) used at the beginning of WW2. The later 4.5 gun was very similar to the better known 5.5 gun; same carriage but the 4.5 had a longer barrel (and obviously a smaller bore). It did not remain in service long as the shell was apparently not impressive in effect. Chris
  21. Going on the vehicle at the back, with a two tone colour scheme, it looks the same the two in the foreground. I was going to suggest Ford Model AA and that they may be hired in from a bus company.
  22. I have been fascinated by this thread from the start, as the way you deal with problems and come up with work-arounds are a revelation. I am in awe and can hardly wait to see the finished product. You are an inspiration: thank you.
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