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  3. Just picked up these 2 boxes, noted different ports and cables. Can any clarify if they are same box but different versions. Think the one for the Land Rover has the larger cables and ports Thanks
  4. What use would an attachment be if it was to cover the end of a paddle? Is it some kind of NBC gear, to attach to a paddle for canoeing through contaminated water? Seriously though, it would be useful to know what it is made of and the weight and size?
  5. As promised, I dug out some links to various galleries. There are quite a few detailed photos which I hope will be of help to you? http://www.armorfortheages.com/MilitaryVehicles/PzKpfwII/PanzerIIGallery01/index.html http://tankarchives.blogspot.com/2017/08/pzkpfwii-ausf-f-third-times-charm.html https://www.facebook.com/media/set/?set=oa.1885688051658028&type=3&hc_location=ufi https://www.net-maquettes.com/pictures/pzkpfw-ii-col2/
  6. Hello everyone, My name is Gerlof Buurman from the Netherlands. At the moment I'm doing research about the history of Mack trucks in Europe. For that I'm looking for information about the 150 Mack trucks AC (Bull Dog) that were in service of the British army during WWI. And I'm also looking for information about the civilian use of these trucks after WWI ,when the trucks were surplus. Does anyone have advertisements of these trucks in newspapers, or have pictures of the postwar Macks? Any information is welcome! Best regards, Gerlof
  7. John, Nice card confirming the 610 Coy. You are correct as to the employment of this unit, basically the Divisional Supply Columns were responsible for transport and supply of rations and stores from railheads to forward dumps in the Divisional area. Ammunition was dealt with separately by Ammunition Parks at first, but later, combined MT Coys. were formed to deal with all supply requirements. I have further details of the exploits of 610 Coy if you would like them. Tomo.
  8. Hi Gerlof Its best to ask this in the Pre WW2 category.
  9. I have bought quite a lot from Lehar but I found him a very strange cookie to deal with, where as popsky or what the site is is straight forward no hassle. Jon
  10. There's plenty on ebay but I can't remember the watage? I guess 8W would give you a reasonable running light without using the headlamp bulb. Ron [ https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/10-x-4115-6v-8w-BA15S-6-Volt-Motorbike-Motorcycle-Scooter-Classic-Car-Bulbs/231072273220?epid=19016563241&hash=item35ccfb1344:g:MNsAAOSw2fRaqUxT https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/10-x-293-6v-4w-BA9S-6-Volt-Motorcycle-Motorbike-Classic-Car-Bulb/222906824756?hash=item33e6483834:g:PwsAAOSwdOdci87r PS these are quite expensive so shop around. I usually buy mine from Brit Bits or at jumbles
  11. A really medial question, I am after a new headlamp and pilot bulb for my head lamp. I can see the headlamp bulb is 6v 24w but the pilot bulb is missing. Can I ask where you guys source your bulbs.......?
  12. Cheers Leggy! Nice picture Ron, I would tend to agree with you that it’s a 3SE
  13. Here is a Triumph that made it back. It's an 'impressed' bike and judging by the small headlamp and chrome parts, I'd guess it's a 3SE. Ron
  14. Peter, undo the lock wire on the bolts and that part of the UJ falls away, and then there should be a bolt in the centre of the output shaft to undo and then this half should pull away. The lug that has been cut down on the gearbox top is probably so the sheet metal gearbox cover can clear as the sides of this taper to the width of the gearbox when in place. The Ford boxes can have many different configurations, with regards to what side a handbrake is mounted, whether it has one at all, whether it is British manufacture or American , with regards to any lugs protruding, Cheers Andrew.
  15. Yesterday
  16. Substantially Changed ? Now where have I heard those words before?
  17. I am still looking but I am probably going to have to get a set cast. Does anybody else need any to help offset the cost of the patterns? Peter.
  18. I have been sorting through parts to see what I need. One unknown was the gearbox so I have split it from the engine and have started pulling it apart. First thoughts are there is a lot of play on the clutch release shaft and there is a ridge on the shaft it's self. The first, second gear and top gear which slide have a fair amount of wear and some damage. What I can see of the bottom gear cluster/ shaft look's to be good. The bearings seem to turn smoothly. The gearbox top seems to be the same as a bren gun carrier with the 2 lugs on the opposite side to a standard truck top although one lug has been cut down slightly. Next I need to figure out how to remove the U,J, as the last ford gearbox didn't have one. Peter.
  19. Chris Morter does a replacement control regulator with modern innards.
  20. I have a few unwanted Ferret parts for sale. The first is an original Bren gun mount for the Mk1 Ferret, I have attached a few pics to show that it fits quite nicely. It’s in lovely condition and works as it should. £350 ovno Please ask if you would like any more pics. The Bren is not included. I will post free within the uk, but at cost outside.
  21. took these pics from a mates dingo
  22. Hi Trying to sort out a modern regulator to replace the innards of a CAV 75BT-19X for my Bedford MW Has anyone used a Lucas RB108 mounted in the old regulator box and is this the correct way to wire it up ? Cheers Richard
  23. Zenith 48VIR, used on various different Bedford trucks. I have a couple of these carbs for sale. New old stock. Excellent condition. £60 each ono.
  24. Amazing items. Especially the jacket. How did it survive the decades and moths?
  25. https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/Daimler-Ferret-30cal-ammo-box-container-internal-bin-FV58338/153419373342?hash=item23b881db1e:g:flsAAOSwpWRchA53
  26. Thank you very much for the information and sharing the photo. I have recently come into possession of our family archive...well a rather large pile of documents, photos etc that will need a fair amount of sorting (I'm really enjoying the task). My Grandfather sent a lot of post cards to my Grandmother during his time in service and seemed to enjoy buying post cards as souvenirs. These should help determine where he had been during WW1. I take it this lorry would have been used for transporting anything and everything that an Army required? Maybe a little late ...or very early, but here is the ASC Christmas Card sent home Christmas 1916. .
  27. Thanks for your advise folks, it is really appreciated. I have ordered the ANR system and a couple of headsets with mikes attached. All I will need is some extensions for the cabling but that can wait. Jon
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