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  2. This is one I have, but there is something in my mind that I have seen one rigid no part can bend
  3. Have you tried the Jerry Can Forum on Facebook yet ? Here is their link https://www.facebook.com/groups/JerryCanForum/
  4. Have you looked at the Jerry Can Forum on Facebook yet ? you will defiantly find your answer there. Here is their link https://www.facebook.com/groups/JerryCanForum/
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  6. The Jerry Can spout shown in the photo is still in use today by the British Forces, curiously it doesn't have a breather tube which was fitted to longer spouts which are no longer used.
  7. Robin, I have only ever seen a nozzle similar to the one in the photo. John
  8. Dear All, The most important document is the 'work ticket' which has to be signed by an officer or Senior NCO. That is the driver's authority to take the vehicle out on the road. I think that it is either FMT 600 or 1000. The other vital doc is FMT 3 accident report form. It is a very useful doc for recording accident details. There should also be MT Drivers rule book. I cannot remember what that is called. The vehicle should also carry a user hand book and a servicing schedule. Finally, breakdown orders which would vary according to where the vehicle is operating and whether or not it was on an exercise. John.
  9. This link should help you:- http://hmvf.co.uk/search/?q=Document wallets &type=forums_topic&updated_after=any&sortby=relevancy&search_and_or=and
  10. You often see the plastic MOD vehicle document wallets for sale, but apart from a natty piece of plywood, I have never seen what they contained, what a document set would look like or what was recorded on said bumf. Anybody got any photos of the contents or could enlighten me on what they contained? Does anyone religiously fill one in for their own MV?
  11. Recently brought back a few in varying degrees of state from the area surrounding an emergency forward refueling airbase. I want to refurb these along with some ammo boxes. Some cans have the remnants of Green/brown and some are/were definitely a Sand colour. I'm assuming the cans are the same as the ammo boxes and a Service Brown, but what was the colour on the sand ones? Am I right in saying that 43 cans may have been destined for Italy/Sicily and painted Sand, only to be diverted to NW Europe. Seems odd to have Sand on OD vehicles, although I know the Germans painted a lot of kit there that colour. So are the light ones BS361 and the dark ones BS499? Thanks
  12. sorry always thought it was merrick! has anyone??
  13. But of course, was told more vehicles in the SMVG group this year than previous, was driving the FFR one and a spectator shouted out what was that pointing to the candlesticks
  14. I am being asked questions that I cant answer, so I come to you all for knowledge. Specifically we are talking about British or commonwealth usage of their own produced steel jerry cans for fuel. We are not talking about the American style. When were nozzles first produced for them and what did they look like? What were the evolution and what does the modern British military use? The only one I have ever seen ex MOD looks very much like this web image. Over to you
  15. hi , i wonder if you still have these carbs , regards Pete
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  17. Oh that is depressing 😫. At least you have a better crank. David
  18. Many thanks truly appreciate info Regards Steve
  19. Chris Morter 07860 520542 or 01953 602581. If you are really stuck, it's possible to make a sort of V shaped crank by welding two steel strips together so that the point of the V pivots on the small shaft on the side of the carb, and use a universal throttle linkage (I got mine from ebay cheaply) to connect it to the rest of the linkage. Probably easier to do than to explain. If you need further explanation, let me know and I will try and get up to where I store my QL and take a picture or two of what I cobbled together - it works very well and doesn't look too out of place apart from my awful welding! Regards, Mike
  20. im new happy owner Austin K2y, very nice original condition, preparate restoration, look for Austin speedometer and instrument case
  21. my problém with engine is bigger, now look for set big end bearings .020 and pistons+rings .020 for Tilly engine, damage from Normandy....
  22. Hoping someone can assist me with an Air Pipe Union Problem on my Tanker. Pipe connections and unions use a very fine thread, as shown below, making it very easy to get a problem. As you can see in the second picture, I've had a bit of an issue while removing the lock nut. Thread inside the nut is in a similar condition The ideal solution would be to find a new union and lock nut, if anyone has a spare. Or, a tap and die to recut these or make new ones, I'm not sure what size it is, even. Measures approximately 7/8" diameter. Thanks for looking, all advice gratefully received
  23. Hi Steve, some measurements from my Leyland Daf T244. 1, Rolling Radius 560mm (tyres roughly 30% worn) 2, Wheelbase 3950mm 3, Centre of front axle to front bumper 1335mm 4,Centre of front axle to rearmost part of cab 660mm 5, Centre of rear axle to rearmost spring hanger, I couldn't measure this on my own. 6, Ground to bottom of chassis 795mm, note my truck is fitted with a Radio Repair body weighing approx 1.5 tonnes. 7, Chassis depth 257mm, flange width 80mm, overall chassis width 860mm. The chassis is parallel and flat from cab to rear. 8, The top of the rear tyre is level with the top of the chassis rail. (See photo) Hope that this helps. John
  24. That's the beast! The Mk1 had the acelerator in the middle, the battery was by your right shoulder, and the side view non existent. Such fun to drive. 😀
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