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  2. Shamouti Ben Yafo

    Another Land Rover Query

    Ben Yafo here, being a nuisance about Landies yet again! I've been searching in my reference library and the Internet for interior details for a group of Military Series IIA vehicles I wish to model in 1:76; a couple of LWB GS, one LWB FFR and, perhaps, the same in SWB. I've found nothing so far. Does anyone have the dimensions - and, hopefully, some photographs or drawings - of the rear bench seats in the LWB and SWB GS, and a radio layout for both FFR?
  3. Yesterday
  4. greyhound32122

    another Diamond T 980 restoration

    thank you for your comment fredm this diamond t was used in the italy theatre during ww2 so your late father may have driven it? regards sam
  5. fredm

    another Diamond T 980 restoration

    great to see this great mammoth restoration being done , well done mate these vehicles must be saved, I have a great interest in diamond Ts as my late father drove them in the war in nth africa and italy and used to tell me about them he had a great respect for good luck with it
  6. Higgins kpt.

    Bedford MWR 1943

    more work on my MWR...
  7. 10FM68

    Silver teaspoons with military 'crest'

    Spoons are traditional prizes for shooting competitions. I suspect that is what these are. 10 68
  8. flyingfleasteve

    1940 Triumph 3SW Restoration

    Thanks Ron They look perfect! 👍
  9. SimonBrown

    8 Cylinder Torpedo Engine - Restoration

    It was time to stop fussing around and get the manifold off. Plenty of heat, aided by youngest daughter directing the blow torch onto the coupling, and a long extension tube on the C spanner did the trick. Finally shifted them and (crucially) with no damage. Wrestling one of the sections off the motor was fiddly, and it going to be fun trying to get that one back on. The complexity may well have been the killer of this idea. There is plenty of power in a very compact space, but the manufacturing and assembly plus any in-service work would have been expensive. Glad I took the manifold off. Found my first bit of rusty crud in one of the inlet ports: With the manifold out of the way the rest of the fuel pipes came off. Some route to/from what I thought was the fuel distributor, but I am wondering if they are not spill/return pipes? More investigation needed. A bonus was finding inspection stamps on each of the cylinder castings, just next to the integral fuel injectors: The only other time I have seen stamps akin to this are on aircraft components. Presumably stamped at the Whitehead works in Weymouth, they need following up at some point.
  10. terryb

    Warthogs on sale!

    Does anyone know what it sold for?
  11. Enigma

    Stolen?? Dodge WC54 Ambulance

    Good to hear it wasn't the worst case scenario.
  12. Hi all, i'm not sure if anyone can help, but I was given a selection of silver cutlery and a family hand-me-down, included were a couple of teaspoons with a crossed rifles emblem and the letters L.Co. and G.I.P.V underneath, can anyone shed any light on what they might be from. I've attached a pic Thanks in advance
  13. That will be fine for another chart - Austin ww2 contracts. Could you shere it to me? Thanks
  14. SimonBrown

    Panzer 2 turret

    With a single original track segment it could be scanned using photogrammetry - just like the torpedo motor I'm restoring - with the advantage it would be easy to make it a closed & therefore solid model. It would need work post-scan to add material to any worn sections, add material to the track pin bore and scale it to take into account the shrink factor when cooled, but the beauty of a 3D model is much can be tweaked and changed at very little cost and verified with a 3D print before committing. More than happy to help on this one, if photogrammetry is of use?
  15. Enigma

    Panzer 2 turret

    Amazing project. Looking forward to seeing it in the flesh one day.
  16. Ron

    1940 Triumph 3SW Restoration

    From memory the thread in the barrel is 5/16" Whit but you'd have to check. If so I found these which are probably near enough, http://www.vintage-motorcycle.com/index.php?language=en&site=4&pid=89&id=5128&limit=180 Or Ask Brian to make you some. Ron
  17. Hey here all. I’m trying to find a 1950s 60s RAF grey or green fishtail parka to go with some trousers I recently purchased. If any body has one for sale at all I would really love to hear from you. My number is 07921060707 or drop me a line on here. fingers crossed Andy
  18. nightmare13

    Staghound throttle linkage question

    Tobin Jones is the man to talk to about staghounds, if you have facebook message him. tom
  19. flyingfleasteve

    1940 Triumph 3SW Restoration

    Great picture Ron! Turning my attention to putting the bike back together the inlet manifold studs (bolting the carb to the head) are completely stripped. I am having some difficulty in sourcing the correct replacements........can anyone maybe point me in the right direction? These little studs are proving harder to source than anything else!
  20. fv1609

    05 EK 41

    Oh it is steel, I have seen some plates left over from film companies that had just painted the registration on bits of card, thought it was one of those. Originally all Pigs would have a pressed aluminium plate on the nearside front wing. Many in N.Ireland had these damaged or they had been removed if they were one of the 200 recovered. These replacements were steel painted black with the registration either stencilled, hand painted or had adhesive letters applied. Pigs for disposal were meant to have the registration plate removed, but for disposal identification the registration was painted on the front of "bonnet" to keep track of it & invariably if it was allocated a MS registration that was painted there. Originally Unit & Formation Badges would have been painted here. Having said that there are few in service photos of the BK painted there, particular those Pigs with flat bar rams that would obscure the registration plate. Ok Bob don't tease us any more, I'm sure I speak for many who would like to see a few pics of her, please.
  21. Last week
  22. HotBed

    Triumph 3SW/3HW Restoration

    Very interesting.
  23. Bob Grundy

    05 EK 41

    Thank you Clive I can now tell when asked the question 'how old is ?' As regards the number plate, it is in fact corroded steel. Being a front one I have only seen front VRN's painted on the hull and never as an individual plate. Peakrec, It is a little better than the plate..........
  24. David Herbert

    CVRW FOX where is the hull number located

    It Isn't ! David
  25. fv1609

    05 EK 41

    I think the number plate is only wood fibre or cardboard.
  26. robin craig

    CVRW FOX where is the hull number located

    Admins how is the body of this thread related to the subject of this thread?
  27. Peakrec

    05 EK 41

    Hope the Humber pig is in better shape than its number plate.
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