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  2. Hello out there. Bought this the other day and have no idea what it is. A series of brass nuts screwed onto a painted mounting. Any thoughts gratefully received. Many thanks Carl
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  4. Radial tyres grip better than cross ply tyres which affacts the handling, either side to side or front to rear.
  5. Meet Marg, an Associated Equipment Company Matador, Model 0853. Chassis Number 7837, Contract Number S2263 (Contract for Medium Artillery Tractors). Built for The War Office on July 21st 1944. Registration H5471004, later 94YY94 (circa 1950). She was auctioned at Ruddington during December 1965, Lot Number 904. She worked in bus recovery after disposal before starting a new chapter with Bill Kemball of Wantisden Hall Farms in 1977. She was used during harvest, towing trailers of vegetables from the fields. Her last known operation was in 1997, it was around this time she was laid up for more than twenty years before her recovery late in 2018. I would purchase her in February 2019. Currently under a long-term restoration to factory performance and aesthetic. The restoration will utilise as many original parts as possible whilst maintaining the goal of factory aesthetic and performance. She will be restored true to her original specification, from batteries and wiring, to the finish on every nut and fastener. Below are few photographs of the Matador and the parts sourced for her restoration.
  6. Thanks for the reminder, I was aware thats why I mentioned it as if some one has 4 radials or two cross plys I am sorted, you never know some one might have two cross plays and want a radial? I can believe how difficult they are to find, all the ones on Ebay etc are down south? Found loads of metric ones but it wouldn't be quite right. So why shouldn't you mix them? I know Cross plays have stronger walls?
  7. Unless Bob is just for off road use, it is illegal to fit cross ply and radial tyres on the same axle or to fit cross ply tyres on the rear axle with radial tyres on the front axle.
  8. Ron

    Triumph 3 hw

    Massimo It would help if you pass it through Google translate into English first. Ron
  9. Another 'first contract' WD/C, left behind by our retreating BEF boys has come to light on the continent. The owner has asked me for help. It's been glooped together and kept running with lots of wrong parts and inferior workmanship by a Frenchman. The big end and small ends are totally knackered and the bore will have to be measured. I've straightened some bends in the fork tubes and saved any original fasteners which will go for stripping next week and then plating after preparation. Another friend will hopefully make up the missing fasteners on his lathe. Ron
  10. My Son has bought an old series 2 Land Rover, the tyres have had it we have found three locally just need two more if any one has a full set or just two and are local to the North west let me know. We have three cross plays and one Avon Radial so just need to make a usable set of 5 with or without wheels. We are also looking for a series 2 front end to put Bob back to how he should be, hops for his canvas and doors even tatty ones to fit whilst we repair the current ones
  11. The two dump truck manuals and the S26 catalogue now gone to a new home where I hope they will prove themselves useful. Thanks to Steve for collecting them.
  12. This driver forgot the bit about unloading the D8. Coincidentally I used to own 83BL02
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  14. hi Mick, Thanks.! Military vehicles have been my interest and my work for nearly 50 years and you tend to accumulate a lot of reference material over time 😉. The photos in my last post are of an official wartime War Office publication listing details of all vehicles and trailers in use by the British military. It is a reprint version produced by the HM Stationary Office some years ago. Glad to hear it was helpful to you. regards, Richard
  15. Richard, Thanks for your effort and the data sent. Amazing that this material is still accessible. Was the archived material under the auspices of HMVF or do you have alternative source? Once again thanks, I am a newcomer to this site and mightily impressed, thus far. Mick
  16. Many thanks for that and sorry if I hijacked a thread. I'll at least get to watch it next year
  17. It's identical to Steve's one he found for the Dennis. I'm guessing they are about 18" tall. Proper job, as fitted to all British WD lorries I believe.
  18. Well done with the Radmore find! We have one on the Dennis and have been looking for one for the Thorny for years - but they seem to be as rare as Hens Teeth! Steve is now resolved in making a copy of one for the Thorny but one or two of our friends have said that if you are doing that, make one for me, too! Tony
  19. How tall is it Tomo ,it looks tall as lovely as it is .
  20. Ahh thanks for that ,spot on .I've forwarded on the link to the creative team who are advertising the auction etc and will post a pic of the finished item
  21. Look what turned up at the workshop today. A genuine Radmore acetylene generator, complete with W /I\ D stamp and internals unused as new. Having made a rapid, positive identification, I had to work hard to keep the drool off it, but my hopes were dashed by the owner's flat refusal to sell . He has offered to lend it to me if the J Type makes it out, providing I restore the outer surfaces to the original appearance. ( the inside is new and unused.) I took him up on the offer. How could I refuse !
  22. Those ally rivets are correct for a service repair, I have a few of these somewhere and they were direct from source.
  23. though a bit of time has passed since last post ….thought all gate guardians range wrecks belonged to Bovington (tank museum) ?
  24. The IWM list this image as taken by an Australian photographer, so your best bet will be the Australian War Memorial: https://www.iwm.org.uk/collections/item/object/205193432 https://www.awm.gov.au/ You may also like this picture, which is from the British official collection https://www.iwm.org.uk/collections/item/object/205235910 Edit: Err, maybe not the last as it shows POWs. Could also ask the IWM about the first picture to see if they can help. I suspect at a cost though.
  25. I need some help to get a better quality copy of the original WW1 image as I need it as part of a display as the organisers of the charities want to reproduce it life size as a wall banner to go along with the photos of the soldiers I installed .The second photo recently taken is what I created modeled on the original photo .I think the original if I am correct was British soldiers at the Somme .I am about to take the soldiers down after Remembrance Sunday and they will be auctioned off with the proceeds going to local charities including the British Legion .I know I have posted this clip on here before so excuse me but this will show you the impact it has as you come onto Mersea across its tidal road.
  26. Welcome to the forum John, i am glad that you have enjoyed my project so far and i hope that you will in the future. There are some other fantastic projects that other members are currently undertaking, so when you are on the forum take a look at those as well as they are very inspiring. I have done a bit more work to the brake drums, just to try and make them look more realistic really. There is a plate, that is bolted to the hull just behind the brake drums, it carries items of equipment, I need to replicate this plate and bolt it into position before I finish the brake drum linkage just in case it causes clearance issues. Jon
  27. Hello RAFMT did you receive my PM to you ? Regards Ian
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