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  2. Plunged head first into the charging system on my Nubian tonight! If anyone has any info and or wiring diagrams it would be really appreciated! Getting no charge at all from the dynamo, it appears that someone has been having a go at getting it working before and the wiring was all over the place so we decided to remove it all and bench test it. would you say these brushes have had it? I’m very new to all this military stuff so I’m not sure how it should all look.
  3. now in orig. marking "Token force" , 1.may 1945, Eger town, Czech border
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  5. You first need to know which battalion and then decide on a time period which will enable you to check which division they were with and their seniority within the relevant brigade.
  6. Not sure if this is going to work or even if these have been on here, but came across these the other day, somehow! https://www.facebook.com/pg/bbctheoneshow/photos/?tab=album&album_id=10154057120722696
  7. managed to collect the new front fenders the other weekend and get them fitted, all of a sudden she looks like a Diamond again. shame it all has to come off to be painted and fine tuned by same time nice to have it all back on for final fit real soon. day i collected the wings just chucked them on to get a feel for how they will fit. welding the front mounting brackets which fit to the top bumper plate. ready to start fitting to the truck. one side mounted with the tread plate and new head light and mount fitted. last saturday had the toys out and really happy with how the diamond is looking with it's face back on. did a few laps of the field and boy i can't wait to get her on the road!!!
  8. Fuel prices still dropping like a stone 🙂
  9. Self Isolating ...:-( I retired from work years ago 🙂
  10. Hello, now I understand, thanks. I saw one somewhere with the red/white and the Pegasus and I thought it looked nice, and thought it was correct. Other than the C number do you think there would be any other markings for a vehicle with the Oxf and Bucks, or working alongside them. Many thanks for the help and advise.
  11. Made a bit of progress today had a workshop day inside an did some more work on the wheels the rear is ready for red oxiding now. Re fitted the mudguards to. Screwed up at first as I followed the original pics I took of my bike an put the front stays to the outside oops! Was chatting with Horror when I noticed it thanks for the reference pics mate. Got a bit emotional talking about the Raf numbers on her. Still so happy that I managed to find them out. Not to sure on my throttle grip now least I've got something to use if I need to, think its a Matchless Bowdon one think I know what you were mentioning now Ron. Rather hunt for the right one before I get the Canvas grips onto her an need to sort the remaining levers as well. Need to sus out the screw size for the doherty air an advance levers. Gonna inspect the oil pump tomorrow an then I can get the magneto back on to an start looking at timing the engine up while I'm waiting to sort the remaining parts. Just weighing up Raf roundels the ones that I've seen within my number range seem to have RAF+number on the tank or on the front mudguard blade. Then the RAF roundel on the sidecar. With my Sidecar missing I had a look at a few of the solo's. Seen a few with roundels on the front mudguard and seen a few with them on two locations on the tank on multiple raf pics. Seemed like it varied a bit. Then saw an Ariel with the roundel on the mudguard and the tank and a bsa with a white part of the mudguard blade with the raf number painted on that so it's visible from above. Then the tank Keith showed me on Rob's website in scc.2 with the raf roundels on. Thinking most likley I'm gonna go with the R.A.F. on one line then my number just below on the tank like in two pictures I've seen then see what rooms left. This was quite a cool pic of some early RAF bikes. https://www.iwm.org.uk/collections/item/object/205448328
  12. At this time of gloom something to brighten our day up as we have had the final event and tally up to this project we made just over £50,000 profit from the sale of the soldiers with the majority being bought by the descendants and home owners who have re erected on public space near their homes or at the homes of the war dead . The money has been divided up between the local charities and Trusts that financially supported the project at the beginning including our local branch of the Legion who get about £5k. One of event organisers for the soldiers contacted the IWM for the use of the image which was agreed and the end result I was presented with a framed copy for my efforts which I was deeply moved by . The photo was taken by the Australian Frank Hurley of Australian troops at Passchendaele who was also the photographer for the Shackleton polar expedition as a point of interest. I know several people on this forum made the journey last year to Mersea to see the soldiers in position and contacted me hence the reason for this final post to let you know the outcome.
  13. The whole point about arm of service serials is that they were a form of code for security purposes. The pre-war habit of painting unit titles on vehicles had ceased. From 1941 onwards, it was ordered by Army Council Instructions that motorcycles should not display Formation Signs. It's therefore not possible to correctly mark a motorcycle in such a way that it can be identified as 'Airborne'. Of course, someone will be able to find a photograph but it's likely to have been a posed propaganda image taken in the UK. A divisional HQ would usually show '40' on the 1944 lists. A serial '6' was used by the BEF, but never on red.
  14. Denis Edwards was with the Oxf and Bucks light Infantry during the war. He later transfered to the Parachute regiment (his book is The Devil's own luck). I knew the chap as he helped in my Dad's museum. It'd be nice to do the Flea as if it were with him somehow.
  15. Surveyor

    Tool hunt

    You also forgot "its not where I left it"
  16. nz2

    Tool hunt

    Absolutely correct. Add to that tool boxes on tractors and plant and still when you need a particular tool, it's not there. The wander about checking tool storage in different sheds storing gear can be gainful often finding the item you were looking for a few days ago.
  17. I don't know anything about 6th Airborne. I can quote you the colour and number from 50 different units of 1st Airborne for Autumn 1944. No 6 on red in that lot. Ron
  18. I'd read it like that Tommo, and shipped home through Havre probably to Avonmouth but quite possibly through Chepstow or Newport and then on to Slough.
  19. Hello Ron, Thanks for the pics and help. I know what you're saying less is more, but I do like the sort of personalised/individual look. What I'm thinking is a '6' (red square, white 6) on the front left side of the tank. This is as Denis Edwards was with the 6th Airborne Div later in the war. what do you think about that ? Thanks again, Kingsley Sent from my Samsung Galaxy smartphone.
  20. Hi Dave Not sure if that coupling is a form of lay rub coupling I know they made some for scammells and I think you can still get them , there are two types that I have come across, you need to talk to a scammell handyman unit owner to find out the part number/supplier , try the scammell owners club for contact details cheers Butch
  21. Tim, could the top no. be the chassis no. ? The lower group could well be a date, 4 / 2/ 20 (I have seen dates written like this on War time docs.) Any more pics of the dispersal sales please ?
  22. Always use Petroleum Jelly on gear pumps as using liquid grease restrict the oilways and creates long stringy grease. I made the mistake of using grease many years ago on my AC Cobra during a full engine rebuild The result was no oil pressure and a knackered big end. I am refurbishing an Austin Champ and whilst stripping the engine and in the sump was a large heap of sludge, this was probably caused with detergent oil loosening all the old sludge in the engine. Detergent oil usually keep the dirt in suspension but with an old engine it loosens all the hidden sludge in lumps. If the oil strainer is blocked with sludge then no oil will be delivered around any engine with either on a full flow filter or a by pass filter. Another trick we used to do on some engines with low oil pressure was to put washers under the oil pressure spring . A point is low oil pressure is ok on some engines its oil flow that matters.
  23. Evening All, A week of lock down done and I heard on the radio it could last for 13 weeks, so progress will slow right down but it will continue until the materials run out. I have finished the mould for the drive wheels, it's made on the same principle as the return roller mould but bigger. I am worried that because of the amount of polyurethane required, about 6.5 litres, it will have problems filling from a single pour and although I am loth to use a double pour, I have constructed the mould with two pouring holes. Jon
  24. Thanks guys. Some interesting ideas there. The Thornys marked B and C were returned to Slough and then ended up in Basingstoke at the Thornycroft factory. Both were in very poor condition having suffered collision damage. I have not yet found any other markings but need to do some more work. I need to find more photos of them with these letters to make the connection. Thanks for your input.
  25. dad spent the day trying to free the stubborn Clevis Bolt. After spreading the end trying to get it out he eventually had to grind off the end to get it free. All the information still there to make copies.
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