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  2. Dunkirk 1940 photos some never before seen.

    An amazing archive Thank you for posting.
  3. RAF Vehicle Identity Required

    Can you share the odd Albion shot please TED
  4. Here is a link to my to some of my collection of original 1940 Dunkirk photos [ some taken from my original negatives ]over a 120 + taken by the german forces. soundtrack not to good. part 1. copyright keith brooker collection 2018 Keith
  5. Graveyard

    a lot of those trucks are shiptons recovery or ex shiptons and they are based at a rural location foston DE65 5PX looks like a memorial to me
  6. Today
  7. WW1 exhibits /events for 2018

    Hi Duncan, 60 Coy will be attending Beamish, Dorset Road Run and Steam Fair. Other do's are in the pipeline and are as yet unconfirmed.
  8. BRDM-2 for Sale

    Hi, in Sweden, unfortunately they are now sold. BR Richard
  9. Another ID - Albion BY3?

    As ever, many thanks to all. Much appreciated.
  10. AEC O854 Coles Crane

    Hello JP I have my albums here under Mike Dennis & Doctor Cheapo - so you can see what I get up to - and I'm also a member of Rust Bucket - The New Zealand Meccano Federation's Forum. ---If you are a Meccano enthusiast or want to return to the hobby you would be welcome to join us. http://www.nzmeccano.com/image-30750&frompage=2 I returned to it in 1991 and **in my opinion as an engineer in real life as well as a model engineer ** - since Spin Master bought the company a few years ago all the Plastic stuff they produce today & one model sets are a like toys and crap ideas so it is looking more like Lego - You will see however, some interesting models, sets, Manuals, history and loads of other information.
  11. AEC O854 Coles Crane

    Is there by chance another website where you post your stuff? I am very very intrigued by what you describe - meccano + model. amazing!
  12. Original windscreen frame GPW, MB

    Pete, still available? Wouldn't you be willing to ship to Italy to US Military Base? Looking for original windscreen for my 42 GPW. Postage of course would be my responsibility.
  13. Also finally fitted tracks. We will tension these up once the turret, engine and transmission have been re installed.
  14. I have now stripped down the fire wall and panel between driver and engine ready for sand blasting and re painting.
  15. 1914 Dennis Lorry

    Not uncommon. Our Garrett wagon is the same.
  16. The manual you are getting has equivalent oils etc as well in it
  17. WW2 Willys Jeep

    I have been in the market a few years now and have bought and sold many a vehicle but never ripped the guts out of the buyer for an extortionate amount of money and always been far. I have a 1944 Dodge WC which I have now had for a year and it cost me £8500. This was last year when most were selling for £10,000 to £12,000. The seller knew the price he could have got but is a genuine bloke who does not rip people off. It was sold to me on the condition I didn't come home and put it on the market for a profit, which I could have done quite easily. What I'm getting at is the fact someone sells one for x amount, then someone else thinks mine better that that and sticks another grand or two on, so on and so on. Lets face it, an everyday run of the mill clean Willy's or Ford, forgetting all the, it's rare and I've got the full history bull. should run at £10k to £12k. When you start getting upwards of £20k and above it's just ridiculous. No jeep is worth that unless you have more money than sense and this is where it all goes pear shaped. I know everyone wants to get as much as possible if they are selling and that goes for anything. But when you can't sell it for a price, common sense should tell you your asking to much but this isn't the case, people just keep putting them up at the same price. A lot of friends of mine who would love a WW2 jeep all say the same, sellers are living in a world of their own. Sell at a profit by all means but don't try and rip people off just because you think it's that amount, if it's not selling then you are asking too much, simple. I have been watching 8 different jeeps on certain sites and they just keep getting relisted, some have been relisted 6 to 7 times, I mean it's not rocket science.
  18. Yesterday
  19. still working on getting the registration done.
  20. Yep, you’re right. Looked like an amt to me. I called the seller and he advised iso-32w...it worked pretty good with that.
  21. WW2 Willys Jeep

    Well , you seem to be able to identify the cases that are too £ costly , that is good as entering any market first time is a risk. IMHO you actually need to enter the market to learn the market and that is applicable to vehicles of historic interest. Snakes & ladders , French imports inc. MALT + Hotchkiss, Israel & Greece etc. Generally from 1960's - I would say most / all buyers of Jeeps have paid top $ , they use / show them (most of the deck-chair sitters will give you their £ expectations) , when they sell , little profit , perhaps more if their luck is in. No certainties if they had put their £ capital elsewhere. More than sufficient - they could have tried £ / cost averaging , hence often owners have 2 or 3 qty. as well as churn them. Actually I think the days of getting a mate to carry off a chassis and galv. bathtub of bits must have ended abt. 1980 - hence supply/demand of a heavy work input project, if any remain + if you don't ask a lot of £ , you don't get a lot of £..
  22. Pierce Arrow ww 1 truck for sale

    Well then from 69K to asking 45K getting to a point that someone may take the plunge!
  23. Pierce Arrow ww 1 truck for sale

    It is advertised in several places. Milweb for 45,000: http://www.milweb.net/webvert/a2847/92052
  24. Panzer 2 turret

    very impressive. not the cake i'm afraid
  25. Panzer 2 turret

    Thanks but its nothing, just flour, sugar, butter, eggs and lots of cream, jam and chocolate. Jon
  26. Pierce Arrow ww 1 truck for sale

    Ok thanks Tim Yes that's a good point ,I don't want to interfere with someone's deals of course. But by the way do you maybe know at which site this truck for sell then? This could actually be something interesting for me to follow, i thought it was sold last year. Best regards
  27. Bedford MWC restoration

    Looking good ..!
  28. Steady progress Started Welding... And started cab woodwork...
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