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  2. My dad wouldn't have been born and my granddad would have been about 17 for the 1909 Bell Trophy, but I'm not sure what connections he would have had in Tyneside to put him into a shooting competition.
  3. I don't have knowledge about medals but due to the age it may well be an "upper class" thing if you see the shooting figures on the medal, they are wearin traditional jacket and hats that the royals were seen to wear when shooting in that era, 3 of them are aiming or shooting, but not the 4th? Perhaps they are a loader? Perhaps awarded at an "inter-college" or "inter-school" competition?
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  5. Aha! thanks, yeah just not covered well in the civilian media. I may well be able to get hold of a copy of that magazine cheers.
  6. Red = danger. Do you have a user manual?
  7. Why red? Is there some history or significance? Just curious. Everything else is green or black.
  8. The red wheel nuts hold the 2 halves of the wheel together NEVER undo them unless you have let ALL the air out of the tyre. You could run without run flat inserts and use a standard commercial vehicle flap instead, this will prevent the inner tube getting nipped between the 2 wheel halves when putting the wheel back together.
  9. Can you run without them? I'm not planning any combat missions in the future. What's with the red wheel nuts?
  10. When I worked in REME Workshops, the trick with runflat inserts was to squeeze them together in to a figure of 8 shape and tie with rope ( probably a ratchet strap would do.) Think we did this with a hydraulic press, then it is easier to push into the tyre and when in place cut the rope. Also you need the jacking screws to pull the beads apart. The Henderson inserts used in the Michelin tyres on Fox are a different ball game and they were sent out to a tyre specialist to put in.
  11. Fitting the inserts for run flats can be a hard chore i had to do two on a ferret which took a whole morning . It may take a little less time for a younger guy as I was in my 70s at that time. Hope I dont have to do them again Laurence
  12. DVLA search Leyland WSV 794 the last road taxed expired in 2004, also the last V5 issued was also in 2004 (change of owner?} maybe its in a museum or gone abroad
  13. Great Information! Thanks.
  14. Neither except that my father in law led all three Bomber Command missions which concluded with the Tirpitz capsizing.
  15. LoL! Ive not seen a reference to a ‘Notification of a change of address’. do we think these details will be collated against a name/address or just stored as suggested?
  16. I'm guessing the Mindfulness Unit wasn't very interested...
  17. What’s this in the address??? Deactivated Firearms Notification Home Office Serious Violence Unit 5th Floor, Fry Building 2 Marsham Street London SW1P 4DF I feel guilty and I’ve not been naughty!!
  18. HI Andy, Sorry I do not have a reference, It was in a book I had years ago there were also photos of the machine that did the calculations in the Hood.
  19. Do you have a reference for that, John? I wouldn't mind a look. Andy
  20. As mentioned, the good news is "Firearms which were deactivated prior to 8 April 2016 are not covered by these provisions".
  21. Link above has hyperlinked a little short. Try here instead.
  22. The original Fox tyres were Dunlop Trackgrip Runflats, they have very thick sidewalls and a bead spacer to keep the tyres tight on the rim if the tube was deflated. Later on they were replaced with Michelin tyres which were not runflats but were fitted with Henderson inserts which are very thick and heavy and also inflatable. But will keep tyre on the rim in case of punctures.
  23. Steven Kendrick of the DGCA has sent round the following email: “So in case you hadn't heard, as of Thursday, transactions involvingdeactivated firearms have to be notified to the Home Office. (The HomeOffice is the "national authority" for this purpose, so it's the whole ofthe UK).The definition is any firearm deactivated to the current spec, acquiredsince 14 September, 2018. The reason for the latter date is that the HomeOffice was supposed to implement these regulations by that date, but they didn't because of the whole Brexit mess. So in essence, it's retroactive to that date.Also, possession of any current spec deac has to be notified to the HomeOffice by 14 March, 2021. Failure to comply is subject to a fine of up to£200.As far as older spec deacs, nothing changes. You still can't transfer them unless they're "upgraded" to the current spec. There is a rumour going around that when the UK leaves the EU then this restriction will be lifted, but that's wrong, because clause 61 of the The Law Enforcement and Security (Amendment) (EU Exit) Regulations 2019 replaces the words: "the EU" with: "the United Kingdom" in section 128 of the Policing and Crime Act, so nothing will change.The forms are available here: https://www.gov.uk/government/publications/circular-0102019-firearms-regulations-2019-and-the-firearms-amendment-no2-rules-2019They're very basic: name, address, details of firearm and you send it to the email address on the form.You might think this is stupid, but bear in mind deacs are now in Category C of the EFD. Originally there was talk of requiring all transfers to go through RFDs, which would have been much worse than this. What is stupid is that it doesn't make much sense if the UK leaves the EU, but obviously they want to remain consistent with the EU. Which raises the question of what the point of Brexit is, but that's a much bigger can of worms!”.
  24. what makes them run flats?
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