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  2. I buy them from Drags and paint them black. https://www.draganfly.co.uk/triumph-shop/twin-cylinder/product/13235-cable-clip-sold-each/category_pathway-2 Ron
  3. It should just pop out, it’s not in by much. Is the shaft free to rotate?
  4. Mike don't give up it may simply have been sold at another storage facility. I remember for years there were unexplained large batches of Champs that disappeared simply because they could not be found in Ruddington catalogues. I found that they were just sold elsewhere. Although Ruddington was a major disposal site, there were other disposal sites throughout the country. I have catalogues for many of these other sites, but need some sort of date.
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  6. Morning Pete The ratio was probably only about 10% as I stopped pouring, the reaction was that paint started to swirl as if it was about to bubble, I’ve been told the cellulose thinners is high solvent and that this may have something to do with it, it did mix in and the paint looks fine but as I said before I’ve had paint pickle due to high solvent which made a proper mess and I didn’t want to take the chance. I might use this paint on smaller items and see what happens. Seamus
  7. Thanks Ron. That’s a great help! I must say your James ML looks fantastic! I have noticed for the images the steel cable ties and steel clips on the rear mudguard supporting the rear light cable, may I ask where you sourced them? I always hold my breath when I see original period photos of bike, just in case it’s mine!
  8. I have a question about paint and thinners, I accidentally mixed some cellulose thinners with the paint but luckily spotted it before I used it, the paint seemed to react with the thinners and after having a bad experience with a high solvent thinners pickling paint a few years ago on another project I didn’t want to take the chance, does anyone know if its ok to use Also is there any advice for setting up a spray gun, I have an old school siphon feed Gun but it was a nightmare to set up, liquid feed adjustment made no difference, fan adjustment was either bullseye or full fan, air pressure turned down, air pressure turned up, absolute pain in the backside!! You will find your new top feed gun a much better piece of kit to use, it maintains a stable fan over a wide range of gun angles.and will use less air to do it. I noticed your comment that the cellulose reacted with the paint when you mixed it I'm curious as to what you saw happen and the important question here is what ratio of thinner to paint direct from the can did you use ? Pete
  9. Various images on the net, show either 8 or 9
  10. I used to shoot clay pigeon there in the eighties i was amazed at the great condition of the original buildings and signage do the Smith family of farmers still own it no mention of the owners there is also a good book about Rivenhall airfield i have a copy somewhere if i remember Marauders flew out of there will check when i find the book
  11. Hi when looking for your bike you didn’t come across mine In any lists did you ? It was in the first batch of 8 supplied by matchless for evaluation by the home office to the AFS in June 1953 its reg no is LYO 847 , I am struggling to find history on it , thanks mike
  12. Hi thanks for the reply I have now been informed that my bike was not sold at Ruddington . i have seen the records for the other 7 bikes being sold off but mine seems to have ‘disappeared’ . thanks regards mike
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  14. Thanks Tomo - more food for thought! Tony
  15. One last question, does anyone know what letter/number should be on the plate for my wot6?
  16. Hi, have sent you a DM about it.
  17. Golden yellow it is. Thank you Wally and Richard
  18. Golden Yellow is a standard BS colour, here is the reference, BS381C: 356
  19. Ha! I glad you asked this, saved me asking the same question. I bought a plate for the Tanker a while ago, but it has got scratched a bit during storage and could do with a repaint before fitting. I thought I might take it to my local supplier to see if they could match the colour.
  20. I like a bit of window shopping😉
  21. Anybody know where I might obtain one of these? Or something that would fit Plug to fit a Warner type trailer socket. I've been looking on ebay, and tried a couple of Jeep sites, but no luck yet. Any ideas welcome, thanks
  22. if l remember rightly the name of the colour is GOLDEN YELLOW
  23. Just looked at the link and it confirms what I thought, mid 43 but the owner states 41, I wasn’t sure if there could be any other reason, ie.. sat around before being stamped and used?
  24. Try here: http://www.cckw.org/production_data.htm
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