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  2. A couple more, without rollers? (IWM B 9417 and BU 787):
  3. These have lost their rear bumper as well as other mods - spare wheel and cans (IWM B 8148 and BU 1418):
  4. This one has lost its skate rail (IWM H15962 / H 15963)
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  6. bigduke6 Sounds great to me I don’t mind waiting as in no rush, would be good to have something on the the bike made by yourself. Cheers Colin
  7. They're still posting on their Facebook page.
  8. Colin, I'm currently making a battery box holder for mine, except its at work and I'm limited regarding time etc, but have started on a few jigs, but could be a long time..... but intend to knock a few up.
  9. Does seem to be favourite to most......... explains the price tag, I'll post some pics.
  10. thank you worked a treat and has been filled in and printed out
  11. Hi folks, I thought I would ask if anyone has any of the bits I need to finish off the bike as I’m struggling to find them. battery box holder - side stand - speedo bracket - oil tank cap - fag end rear light (might go down the repo route as I know these are rare) rear pillion seat as I really don’t like the one currently on. Thanks in advance Colin
  12. I flagged this one up too! http://hmvf.co.uk/topic/39577-unknown-early-chassis/?tab=comments#comment-442298
  13. If you hear before then please let me know
  14. Outstanding! That would be very kind of you. Many Thanks! 👌
  15. I am in Hull week commencing 24 June, can do a drive by to see if they still there?
  16. https://www.vintagecarparts.co.uk/products/688-door-hinge-self-aligning
  17. It is possible to buy them new, I got some 10 years ago but can’t remember where from. I’ll see if I can find out. Chris
  18. Hi to all hope every one is well, is there anyone out there who can make me 4 door hinges for my Bedford MW or where I could buy them. The ones I have are well worn, I thank you for your time and hope some one will know many thanks Dave.
  19. A lot of you must be familiar or aware of a Company named 'Elite Militaria'? a few months ago, I placed an order with them. After a long phone conversation. With the Proprietor who is also a member on here. I paid up front a reasonable sum, after being promised my order would be fulfilled in 6 Weeks. It is LONG past that delivery time promised. & despite several Emails & phone messages left. I have heard absolutely nothing!..... I have heard in the recent past, that this firm are not 'Efficient' . In getting back to customers via the phone!...… Dispite executing good products, I think that conducting A bussiness as large as this supposedly is. On only a Mobile Phone number is not very efficient, or professional! Now despite all of this, I am a Fair man. & not being in the possession of a Mark.1 Crystal Ball. I do not know what is Occurring currently, with this Firm? So, dose anybody know the current status or situation with Elite Militaria. Or if there is a serious 'situation' that I am not aware of at all? It seems Odd to Me, that there is absolutely no 'Activity' concerning this Firm currently. Whatsoever?...…. Can Anyone shed any light as to what is going on Please? Thank You. Mike.
  20. The old cork plates seemed to need oil, but the modern Surflex plates that are supplied these days for most bikes will work dry. Good luck with the M20.....My favourite old plodders! I've just built a 600cc engine in this old bone for a friend. It started first kick, only to find that the cush drive spring is wrong or knackered. Kicking myself now for not trying it before I buttoned up the blooming primary case.😡 Ron
  21. Yesterday
  22. £ potentially cheap - to the right person , like rubber tyre salesmen , location , location , location https://www.hoseasons.co.uk/cottages/the-railway-carriage-uk11316
  23. Understand that Ron, I've got an idea regarding the chain lube etc, The dry clutch was to do with a thread regarding a Triumph or Norton ? someone had changed it to a dry clutch or mentions a dry clutch conversion, just wondered if this is common ? Good news........ I picked up the M20 today, its all there (I think) long day 12 hour round trip, all I've done in the last few weeks is stick Diesel in the Berlingo......
  24. I have never known how or where the belt drive pulleys fit. It has to line up with the PTO and the corresponding hole in the cross member. I now have a copy of the starter charger parts book so I thought I would have another look. Although the parts book is not over clear it dose give an idea of the angle and position of the pulley bracket. I managed to work out that it bolts to the angle irons that mount the belly plates but this throws up the problem that the angles of the angle irons are wrong. It would appear that the starter chargers had different belly plates and angle irons to other Loyd's so I will have to alter the angle irons and remake the 2 front belly plates. Peter.
  25. Bit of a steady day today. I drilled and fitted the second body support plate then made some tooling to press some support plates that fit on top of the cross member to level the floor with the gearbox cross member. As the pattern one was a bit mangled I first clamped a length of plate to the gearbox cross member and made a template to get the correct angle. I then made some tooling to the template and pressed it hot in 4mm plate and cut down to size. The new grease seals for the wheels turned up to today. Peter.
  26. Hello chaps, Putting it to the collective mountain of knowledge that is HMVF, can anyone identify this gearbox? At a guess I thought Saracen or Saladin but on looking at some photos now I'm not sure. Any ideas much appreciated. Thanks, Lew
  27. My Austin Tilly in Normandy celebration was wery good for drive, but before Port eBessin have problém with engine , now home see, one bearing is out, need set new part no . IG 691 -.040 bearings, upper and lower halves, thanks for help!
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