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Makers plate indicating manuf.  1945

A man called Jimmy Birch  (West Tees Engineering)  Ramshaw , that is Gaunless valley which is between Teesdale & Weirddale (Gaunless flows into River Weir) ,  he had  3 qty. operating into at least 1980's .  ISTR they were all Ex-Royal Navy and still in Navy Blue , I don't recall a yellow one .  This one may have been owned by Mansel Maddison.


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58 minutes ago, john1950 said:

A one Mansel did not bury

Well yes, he was a sort of BIG digger man ,  another possibility up-valley was Fangio Brown  - a hardrock miner who went O.C.C.S  hyd. muck-shifter ,as well as a subby at the Blue Circle quarry when their digger broke down.  However the originator has told me the crane location - on the doorstep of WARD , say no more..

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When you hear some of the tales you could not make them up. Thorny would be a great project, one of the later cranes with rope luffing. Old Gardiner would probably fire straight up.

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